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Microsoft Windows 8: Schizophrenic Computer Operating System

With Windows 8, Humanity Entered the iStupidity Era in Earnest!

By Ion Saliu, Sane Operator At-Large

Microsoft Windows 8 degraded an excellent OS Windows-7 even below Vista.

First published on Parpaluck Facebook, October 27, 2012

First, I wrote disparagingly about Microsoft Windows Vista in 2008. I began with an original sin of the day: Everybody wants to be fancy these days!

Microsoft learned a bitter-tasting lesson and made corrections that are so extremely rare for a monopoly. They corrected what was so loudly complained about by the users and released Windows 7. Even the drunkingly-fancy version identification was dropped. As the fair-play fellow that I am, I expressed my opinion accordingly:

• • Microsoft Windows 7: Computer Operating System Done Right. It was the year of grace 2009 and I only regret the mistake I made regarding my last employment (I should have declined returning to work in that November!)

I upgraded my Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro. I was short changed, but that's not the point. (Point in case: I pay exactly the same amount as XP users — XP upgrading was not even possible to Windows 7 … M$ must be really in despair … financially!) Like Windows Vista before, Microsoft freaked out over Apple's march to the top of the mountain. So, the Microsoft geeks got into altered states of mind and created a visually dizzying Vista. But they made the OS much harder to use — intentionally.

The public reaction against Vista was virulent. Microsoft had no choice but sober its geeks. And thus they created a really great operating system: Windows 7.

Meanwhile, Apple had already started the iStupidity Era with the iPod. Furthermore, Apple (who was facing imminent bankruptcy in the 1990s) became the richest company in the history of the world. The iPhone and iPad are guilty.

Microsoft really freaked out. They rushed to Windows 8. If you look at all the TV ads: Windows 8 targets the kids, I mean students in the elementary school. Some kids targeted in the Windows 8 ads are not even teenagers! The same “audience” as Apple's ads for iPhone and iPad. Evidently, Microsoft believes that the iStupidity Era is here to stay — and Microsoft wants to survive.

For a PC power-user like me, Windows 8 is a huge annoyance. Fortunately, I had saved all my files and the configuration of Windows 7. I go immediately to the traditional desktop to run my bread-and-butter applications. Remember this quick keyboard shortcut: press simultaneously Windows-key and D. It takes you to the Desktop as implemented since good old Windows 95. I have always used that shortcut in previous Windows (as to get out temporarily from an application, access the desktop and click a shortcut to start another program). I press the Windows key with my left thumb, then D with my left index finger. Such a good thing I created desktop shortcuts for all my applications — I mean REAL apps!

Those so-called “apps” in the new Start are but a bunch of baloney! I already have a Netflix account. Skype is also free … I already saw The New York Times website in browsers! I don't need a clock with huge digits to see the time! The same about moves on the stock exchange … The “apps” are simple Web links for all sane grownups … they can teach their kids the easy procedures to get there if need may be …

Sadly, Windows 8 made life-saving tasks very difficult to accomplish. Creating a repair disk can be done only by convoluted tactics. The extremely valuable Create System Image apparently disappeared! It might be an insanely convoluted process!

I upgraded only one of my computers to Windows 8. The main reason was to test if the software I've written still works under 64-bit Windows 8. It DOES WORK, thanks Blitser!

"Billy, Blitser, crocodile,
You devour in grand style:
First, you vaccinate your prey …
Then, for redemption you pay."

Worldwide Censorship on Basis of Ideology, Religion, Money; Plus Other Stupid Pretexts.

I figured out the crazy procedure to create that lifesaving System Image. I was online with a Microsoft geek. His answer was not exactly what I looked for. Then, just by chance, I discovered something in the new Control Panel, Show All Items. There is an “app” named Windows 7 Recovery Files.

The Help facility was rushed to the extreme, no doubt about it. Not even the employees of Microsoft know it adequately. Regular users will have a terrible time searching for help. Sometimes the Help takes you into a vicious loop. The unassuming: Be forewarned!

I thought that Windows 7 Recovery Files was related to the old files of Windows 7 that you might have wanted to restore (and replace the “retarded-kid Windows 8”). In fact, it is the good stuff that was a staple of Windows 7. You can see clearly the 2 functions:
Create Repair Disk
Create System Image.

I tell you, if you just upgraded Win 7, you are in luck, especially if you had a desktop shortcut to Control Panel and Windows Explorer. Those who buy a new computer with Windows 8 preinstalled will have a hard time creating shortcuts. All Windows 8 special programs (Accessories) are deeply hidden in insanely unintuitive locations (starting with Program Data, or so, then going 5 or 6 levels deep, including a Start subfolder, etc.) I had a hard time myself creating a desktop shortcut to Windows Media Center. The old one in Win 7 had to be deleted. You can get a free Windows 8 Windows Media Center version for a limited time only. But you have to apply first and Microsoft will email you a product key; then, you install the product…

I honestly can say — including in a court of law — that only heavily drugged or drunk “creators” could have created these insane obstacles in Windows 8! Or, maybe, they suffer en masse from BIPOLAR DISORDER! Normal humans would not make SO HARD an intelligently easy-to-use thing!

By the way, the Start version of Internet Explorer (version 10 now) is horrible! I cursed all the gods I've ever known because of Start Internet Explorer 10! No wonder Windows 8 was released close to Halloween! Luckily, there is a desktop incarnation of Internet Explorer (also version 10) that behaves exactly like version 9 in Windows 7.

If Microsoft wanted to keep up with the (rotten) Apples and thusly survive, they should have allowed Windows 8 an easy boot to Windows 7. No denial here, Windows 8 when behaves like a good “kid” is exactly Windows 7. If Microsoft added the Schizophrenic Layer 8 just to survive financially — they should have given the REAL computer users a one-key shortcut to resort IMMEDIATELY AND TOTALLY to Windows 7. For example, pressing Windows key+D should take me to the EXACT desktop of Windows 7 — that includes the old Start button. It was not only aesthetically superior, it was also functionally superior. It didn't force the user to search and type a lot, and again … and again … until a lucky guess takes her to the desired destination …

I believe now I know how the world will end as far as humans are concerned. The dinosaurs disappeared because of insatiable appetite that severely diminished the resources and severely weakened the immune system; at one point, an army of viruses took over the weak dinosaurs' bodies. It took the anti-dinosaur viruses a few million years to destroy the “host' species.

The human species will end as a result of INSANITY. How many thousands of years will it take — I don't have a very accurate answer (nobody does)…

Microsoft Windows 8 is targeted at kids while punishing power computer users.

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Microsoft Windows upgrades are heavily determined by financial reasons viewed as survival totems.


  • On November 13, 2012, Steven Sinofsky, Windows Unit Head resigns two weeks after the launch of the malign Windows 8. He was responsible for the “creation” of Windows 8. His resignation was not explained by Microsoft. However, it is not hard to understand that the resignation was due to the extraordinarily negative reaction of PC users against the crazy Windows 8! Bravo!

  • The utility that made Microsoft release a FIX to Windows 8 –
    Start Menu 8 is a free and error-free utility that brings back the Start button and menu of good Windows 7. Start Menu 8 has become so popular that, I believe, forced Microsoft to consider the release of a FIXED Windows 8. Updated version of operating system will take into account complaints made by users.
  • Steve Ballmer supported by Bill Gates admits in 2013 huge mistake with Windows 8. "Steve Ballmer: The boss who bet his company on Windows 8 – and lost as computer giant announces biggest product U-turn since New Coke.".

Microsoft Windows 8 reception was so bad, negative that the head of Windows Unit resigned.

Read about Windows 7 operating system WAS more productive, easier to configure and run applications in.

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Windows 8 corrupted a superior operating system in Win 7.