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Set the Record Straight on Chip and Powerplay Roulette, Baccarat Gambling Systems

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Science

Powerplay is for roulette, baccarat, Power Play, plus expensive gambling systems.

Written on June 6-7, 2004... and later... eppur si muove...

Remember when a guy named Chip literally took my message board by storm in 2000? He was a nuisance, to put it mildly. He's been a big nuisance all over the Internet, in several roulette and gambling forums. At one point, in 2000, he threatened me with adverse legal action! Then he charmed me in 2002. He informed me that some guy was shouting in a casino that he was Ion Saliu and was willing to sell the Ion Saliu casino gambling systems!

True to my word, I reward people who send me worthy information. I rewarded Chip with roulette freeware. I received the other day a message from UK, from a person who claims to be the real author of the Powerplay roulette system. The Power Play roulette system generated the fire between Chip and I. The probability is reasonably high that the author of the following message is truthful. His information corroborates with the information I have. We had not known each other before.

It isn't rocket science, but it ain't paranoia, either. We can detect sooner rather than later the true character and intentions of another person towards us. And a dose of suspicion is always healthy. I've had firsthand experiences. That's why I treated Chip the way I did.

• • And now my corroborating part of the deal.
In December of 2000, I received a non-pleasantly looking package postmarked Staten Island, NY, Nov. 30, 2000. I wanted to discard of it. The postmaster said it was OK for me to open the big envelope. Such a big envelope requires that the sender come to the counter with a valid ID. Otherwise, the postal service might as well discard of such packages. The sender's address reads 30 Azalea Ct, S.I., N.Y. 10309. The name of the sender is just this: accardi. In my opinion, it was undoubtedly handwritten by an American female.

The correspondence was from...Chip! The first page is typed in very large, bolded characters: "THINK LONG AND HARD. I AM NOT PLAYING WITH YOU!!!" Signed: Chip (longhand). He still didn't want me to know his real name! He played the gender card to confuse me. Since I doubted he would ever use a real name, and since the package was sent by a...female, the probability was high that I would not believe that accardi was a real name! I didn't believe it! Still—to my best recollection—I filed a complaint with the postal service soon thereafter.

Read also: Only Cyber Sports Betting May Be Fair. The correspondence was a childish legal threat, consisting of forged legal documents.

One document was a forgery of a ruling of Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Richmond, Trial Part 9, Calendar No.: 5699, Index No.: 12870/98. Chip (AOL username Chip Casher) blacked out the names of the plaintiffs; the “against” section reads Louis Argenziano and Louise Uccio, defendants. The forged document pertains to a defamation case.

I have never had any relation to either legal case!

Here is an excerpt from the public record concerning Frank Accardi, a.k.a. Chip.

Chip himself corroborates. He is maniacally present in many forums, including this one:

• • • Very important! I do NOT endorse Powerplay or any other casino gambling systems — except for mine, of course! What I know about the Power Play roulette system itself: The strategy simply plays "6 magic numbers", the same roulette numbers all the time. I found some info on the Internet concerning systems named Powerplay, applicable to roulette and baccarat. The gambling system was present in various places, such as Bahamas, USA, Canada, UK, Australia. I saw a Canadian gambling site trying to sell it for $199 (roulette) and $999 (for baccarat)! Gravely expensive, I might add, since Power Play Betting was offered for free at other web sites! I saw also offers to trade Powerplay for other gambling systems!

° According to Chip, the Power Play Roulette system sold for some $5,000. If so, then my Super Roulette Strategy must be worth at least $50,000! No exaggeration! But my roulette systems are free, believe it or not! Read the Super Roulette Strategy page. PowerPlay Roulette system and my Super Roulette Strategy are pirated. They are offered for free, or swapped freely amongst pirates!

I do trust, in complete honesty, my gambling systems, however. I extended to Mr A (real name Eric Nielsen? or Eric Natale?... is he the guy I tested with my Roulette Super Strategy at Taj Mahal?) the same invitation I extended to Chip and any gambling system author. Let's play side by side, in any casinos, and see whose system is the most successful. Wanna bet? Nobody has dared to take the challenge. So far... or maybe forever…

Read who exactly Chip is in this legal document filed by Edward F. Stancik, Special Commissioner Of Investigation for the New York City School District, August 8, 2001: Frank Accardi, SCI Case #2001-0279.

If the legal document was archived to an unknown location, or deleted, read a saved copy in PDF: Legal Letter Regarding The Fraudulent Activity of Frank Accardi, a.k.a. Chip.

Read about Chip, chips, chipper and Powerplay roulette, baccarat, costly casino gambling systems.

Chip Casher gambler served time and was silent for years, then he resumed his despicable behavior.

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Read the truth about Chip gambler scammer of fraudulent, expensive gambling systems.

Chip Frank Accardi was a gambler and teacher who defrauded New York City schools and parents.

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