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Philosophy, Computational Psychology: Fear Survival, Homo Computing_Beast

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Randomness Philosophy

Introducing a philosophy based on Socrates dialectic and ground-breaking idea of humans as computing beasts.

Randomness Philosophy is based on the absurdity of Absolute Certainty – Universe is Random.

I. Philosophy of Fear_Survival Essential System
II. Daemonion: Socrates and the Inner Voice
III. Philosophy of Clear Dreaming
IV. Turning Point in Philosophy of Randomness
V. Addendum – Life Goes On

I started Philosophy discovering Fundamental Formula of Gambling and Rule of Universal Randomness.

1. Philosophy of Fear_Survival Essential System

  • Humans are much like personal computers. Or, should I say, humans created the computers in their image... This is the topic of a very important work. Be sure to check this page from time to time. I may add other pages to this site with more detailed information on humans as personal computers.

    Just a few words now. If we analyze ourselves, deeply and sincerely, we can track our successes and failures back to the early childhood and adolescence. That's when we receive, mostly forcefully, the main mental programs that shape our lives. They are the most tightly integrated with our BIOS (the PCs have a similar element, don't they?). BIOS the acronym stands for Basic Input/Output System. For humans, the basic input is what I call fear; the output system is what I call survival. These two terms are code names in my work.

    The early-in-life programs are the most difficult to erase, deprogram, or reprogram. The entire humanity needs reeducation in mental programming. We need a new way to program the young mental computers with positive programs from the very beginning. All societies wrongly (wrongfully, to be more accurate) emphasize the teaching of national history from the earliest school grades, to secondary school, to the university level. A strong accent on national history as a matter of study has always had the worst of the side effects on humans. Patriotism leads easily to nationalism and - in not unusually extreme cases - to hatred towards other peoples and nations. I don't suggest banning the study of national history altogether; I only want to suggest a more global approach in history education. History must be, first of all, the history of the human race; national history must be an appendix to it.

    We finally must recognize the importance of psychology, as the science of the humans. It must be taught from the early school years, all the way to the university level. To me, it is strangest that children study botany and zoology, but not psychology. It's like we get ready for living in the jungle, not in the society... Socrates was forced to drink the cup of hemlock for believing in the...truth! NOT! There has been no significant change in 2300 years. We did sentence Socrates then and we would do the same sin now, regardless if we, the jurors, are Christians, Judaics, Muslims, Budhists, Shintoists, Animists, Pagans, Government lip-suckers, etc... Or maybe there is some change. You see, I am still alive and free!

    There are some developments leading me to this decision. They might have occurred independently from the content of my Web site, which is very largely the result of my thought-incubation. On October 22, 1998, I was extremely surprised by two reports on NBC Nightly News and CBS Evening News. A certain University in the United States conducted an experiment on monkeys, like numerous experiments conducted daily in the U.S. Having failed for a long time to make monkeys understand human speech (like all the monkey experiments conducted daily all over this planet), the human experimentators decided to make monkeys understand counting. Guess what? Monkeys figured out numbers right away! Monkeys would press on touch-screens the right buttons in order to get the rewards (food, maybe sodas...).

    I felt that was an involuntary mockery of one of the ideas I posted on the home page of my Web site two months before the infamous reports. I quote exactly here, and the Web servers are most trustworthy witnesses. The number then led to the development of speech. You can go back to the home page and verify for yourself. I will not change an iota for some time to come. The reports quoted the “experimentators” saying (the human ones): The number preceded the speech.

    One might argue that I should be pleased lab experiments validate unusual elements of my philosophy: my fundamental ideas which attempt to comprehend the Totality. Well, I'm not! Those monkey experiments represent nothing more than an attempt to rush ideas to the marketplace in order to keep the research funds pour in. The only outcome of that kind of lab experiments is taming animals for the circus. The circus tigers could figure out the number of the fire rings they must jump through; or the monkeys could figure out the number of buttons they must push in order to get food.

    Alas! Life has always worked very, very differently. It took hundreds of thousands of years for the first humanoids to discover, use and improve the number and the word. The changes were so small, they could only be noticeable after several generations. It also took Nature hundreds of thousands of individuals to experiment with! Many come, few chosen. And it was not done in a lab, but in the huge environment of FearSurvival. This type of reasearch is so obviously futile now. This planet no longer has the conditions for another species evolve to counting, speech and self-awareness. Otherwise, at the first sign, we, the humans would exterminate such a species. Would we allow the lions develop speech and self-awareness?! Wasting huge amounts of money and human resources for a purposeless project! If my Return to Socrates - Humans Computing Beasts project had only a tiny fraction of that money...

    Philosophy in earnest started with Socrates, followed by Plato and Aristotle.

    2. Daemonion: Socrates and Inner Voice

    Daemonion and Socrates and I and We.

    3. Philosophy and Clear Dreaming

    Clear (Lucid?) Dreaming.

    4. Turning Point

    A Turning Point?

    Socrates revealed at his trial that he heard an Inner Voice or Daemonion.

    5. Addendum – 2004 (4 WE)

    One must say it all as it comes through one's voicing and writing lips. That is, when no harm is intended to the other ones, but only good.

    At the same time, one must be always aware of evolution. Each and every one of us evolves, develops in time. The only thing that never changes in the Universe is Change itself, Heraclitus said. “It is not possible to step into the same river twice.”

    What paralyses most humans is the fear of failure. The first expression of failure is the ridicule. A few humans have the strength to step beyond ridicule. The next experience is the attack by other humans. The ridicule is caused by expression. Difficult expression becomes the target of ridicule, irrespective the merit of the content. Improved expression of worthy content in the incipient steps leads to attack. I certainly experienced both the ridicule and the attacks. I had developed and distributed software before expressing my philosophical ideas in the global village, Internet.

    The Fear_Survival system (the real god in nature) did not permit me to fail. The ridicule came to an end around my birthday of 2003. Words started to fall in the puzzle more naturally. I had grown naturally in my linguistic English shoes. My software also kept pace with my thoughts. They reached higher and higher peaks.

    I still keep the steps of my evolution as they came into being. The history of one's expression is the history of one's thinking, is the history of one's evolution. I have never wanted to run away from my own past expression and thinking. The stages of my life are my life. This web site is a witness. I kept online web pages of various stages of my evolution. Sometimes, I needed to add something, or make some facts more clear. For the most part, I kept the original in place. I have tried hard not to rewrite. Quite a few visitors to this web site loudly asked rewriting some my materials. Again, I chose to add facts that made the presentation clearer.

    When both expression and concepts mature, a new danger arises. The challenge fades out. If there is no challenge in our life, we must provide with our own challenge. Human life without challenge is no human life. Things that used to be ridiculed or attacked are now imitated. Imitation is the most sincere form of approval. The 'Fear and Survival' concept even gave birth to TV shows! More and more Internet places talk about fear and survival in a philosophical manner. The Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) is a favorite subject of many a web page. Filtering, the foundation of my lottery software is at the foundation of hundreds of web pages and dozens of software packages. And so on, and so forth...

    The danger here is that I am not seriously attacked anymore! That's not good! I am learning now a very difficult trade: Attacking myself! I am questioning now every major piece of the foundation of my thinking house. Good, but still can't replace entirely the good old method of attacks from others! You know, it's beyond doubt now that the lions are the other species with the most fundamental contribution to the creation of the self-awareness race. The first Homo erectus was fed by the lions, literally. But that feast was not without challenge. The challenge was not intense enough to be destructive to Homo erectus. But the challenge was intense enough to keep Homo erectus on his/her toes. Learn verticality, learn running vertically, learn hiding, learn scheduling, learn counting the steps, learn communicating sounds, learn breaking bones to suck up marrow, learn breaking the bones of those who want to break your bones…

    Keep reading everything at this web site, if possible on your part. Learn from my evolution. Be mindful that I want to keep my history alive. If something sounds outdated, please keep searching my web site. You may find timely addenda. Sometimes, I just may not want to update myself. Or, very unlikely, I am unable to upgrade myself at that particular moment in time. Point is, we must always hold aces in our sleeves!

    Publishing of my work will take place rite here, on the Internet. It ought to be free. The Fear_Survival system is a watchdog of evolution. Socrates was not allowed by that mysterious Inner Voice (Daemonion) to get rich by presenting his thoughts. His thoughts were considered wicked by some, but he did not fear the ridicule or intimidation. Nor did he want to get rich. Platonos was inspired by his master and wrote down his master's thoughts (then he added many of his own thoughts). Plato did not want to get rich. Many other Homo sapiens individuals spotted on Truth without intention to get rich. They all would have unhesitatingly chosen real-life hardship with immortality via unheard of ideas — to possibility of joy and feast without the chance of immortality! Ideas like breaking the bones of carcasses to suck up the marrow. Hey you, don't lie to me privately! You want to use any trick of achieving immortality! That's the truth! The overwhelming majority of Homo sapiens has failed in this regard and always will. For that unique reason, Homo sapiens invented God.

    "May Almighty Number give us always the righteous count of consonants, and vowels, and syllables, and words. And thus our speech shall not be too short in any language, or too long in any dialect. For all the glory is in Number."

    "For only Almighty Number is exactly the same, and at least the same, and at most the same, and randomly the same. May Its Almighty grant us in our testy day the righteous proportion of being at most unlikely the same and at least likely different. For our strength is in our inequities."

    "May Almighty Number grant us always the divine proportion between our hopes and our endeavors! And thus we shall not count things we lapse and discount blessings we touch."

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    ~ Discover profound philosophical implications of the Formula of TheEverything, including Fear, Survival, Psyche, Philosophy, Computational Psychology, Socrates.

    Humans can be most accurately described as Computing Beasts.

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    Randomness Philosophy or Mathematical Philosophy label Homo sapiens species as Homo Computing_Beast.

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