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Huge Price of Powerplay Roulette System, Advertising in New York Times

Huge Price of Powerplay Roulette System, Advertising in New York Times.

Posted by Chip on July 20, 2000.

In Reply to: Reveal the price of Power Play (Powerplay) roulette and baccarat system posted by Ion Saliu on July 20, 2000.

: : Chip

: I am really disappointed by your decision. You shouldn’t fear anything. I’m sure your pride will determine you change your mind.
: At least, please do me two special favors.
: 1) Tell me how much you charged for your system.
: 2) Give me one name or two of the New York Times editors you presented your system to. I would like to do the same with my strategy. They might become interested in a report…

: Good luck!

: Ion Saliu.


I must say you are persistent! I have no fear whatsoever. Why would I? As for my pride, I make that a very self-contained issue as far as casino play goes. To be sure I have plenty. But, I like to keep that within me. However, I am perplexed as to how, with your obvious knowledge, you seem not to accept that there is nothing to be proved by the gambling competition you propose. That of course is for you to know. To be perfectly honest, it has no room at all in my scheme of things as far as playing in a casino. That is my last comment on that particular issue.

My New York Times ad ran approximately spring of 1994. Hopefully some of the wording will add to my comments above. The bulk of it is as follows:

$$$ Powerplay Roulette
Casino demonstrated with our own money. Seeing is believing. Limited availability for serious business-minded people only. Contact
718 ___ ____.

The cost is a matter of the non-disclosure. An estimate of the mid 4 figures might be a reasonable assumption. I have no idea of anyone's name from the Times as it was quite long ago. When the ad was being deliberated, they sent represntatives on two separate trips we made to Atlantic City casinos.

I can only tell you that they were satisfied and accepted the ad. The ad also appeared in an Asian USA newspaper, but they actually contacted us. I think you are reading too much into that aspect of things. I would be flabergasted if you were able to attract any significant attention from any newspaper of note to such a demonstration. Beyond that, the chances are even slimmer a casino would allow that to happen at it's tables. In my opinion, speaking with considerable experience, your exuberence is running far ahead of what is within reason to expect in the real world. Hopefully, this information will be of some help and/or direction.

Just to change the focus as I conclude, I have just today stumbled across a little known research paper in a statistical Journal by Professor Edward Thorp. For the few not familiar with that name, he is the person who invented blackjack card counting and put the only real legitimate fear ever into the casino bottom line. The article concerns shuffles, which is a topic that is of extreme interest to me. For those of you that are saying this guy needs to get a life, your probably right.

LOL and regards,


The price of Power Play (Powerplay) roulette and baccarat system was huge (advertised in New York Times).

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    Follow Up:

    Chip refuses to test expensive Powerplay roulette strategy because it is phony.


    The gambling rip-off scammer still refuses to test his gambling system in casinos.

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    The price of Power Play roulette and baccarat system was huge advertised in New York Times.