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A Real Gambling Challenge in Casinos, Including Roulette Systems

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Roulette Gambling Mathematics

Gambling authors and developers avoid tests in real-life casinos for they are phony.

Posted on July 22, 2000.

In Reply to: Powerplay roulette system is just another scam and rip-off of Chip's posted by Chip on July 21, 2000.


: To date I have tried to be respectful to you. It seems you have somewhat of a mental block in your ability to comprehend information. The more I read your responses, the more evident it is that you are an amateur. You totally disregard mathematical certainty. You repeat that you think I am afraid to play you. I'm not sure what part you don't understand - nothing can be proven period. If you don't accept that it's fine, but it just goes to the fact that you are an amateur and have no basis of understanding that your proposition is for fools.

: Anyone interested in having one or more of my Powerplay roulette system people comment on its effectiveness and 52.7% hit rate to date, feel free to e mail me. As for you Ion, you are entering the legend in your own mind category and I can easily state that I have forgotten more about winning in a casino then you could ever hope to know. Farewell, and may you someday reach a level of maturity that will allow you to laugh at your naïveté.
: Chip


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Ion Saliu

Take a real gambling challenge in casinos, including roulette systems.

Set the record straight on Chip, his real name, criminal behavior, Powerplay roulette, baccarat - June 2004.

Chip and Power play roulette, baccarat, casino gambling strategy are fraud, cheats.

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Roulette gambling authors, developers might just be casino moles, paid-for casino agents.

Follow Up:

Gambling authors know their systems are weak or they might be casino moles, paid casino agents.


True gambling systems apply mathematics and can be tested in casinos.

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Roulette systems and casino challenges represent an oxymoron.