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Hostile Reaction by Casinos to the New Blackjack Dealer Bust Odds, Probability Calculations

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Blackjack Mathematics

Calculate the correct probabilities or odds at the blackjack game for the first time ever.

    The casinos react with hostility to the new blackjack dealer's bust odds, probability calculations by Ion Saliu in 2009. Blackjack is a casino game far worse than assumed by most gamblers.

NO, the casinos couldn't resist reacting…once again! They should know by now that I don't get intimidated. Yet, they keep reacting every time I publish something of great importance. No doubt, my new research in calculating the blackjack odds of busting is ground-breaking. The new figures will surely have an impact on the game of blackjack. But that was not my main purpose. I always put the truth above anybody and anything. My main goal was mathematical, first and foremost.

I did receive before messages from the same geographical area. I believe there is a relation to the Connecticut casinos. The same type of reaction was also published on my message board, plus another message board dedicated to roulette. Even outside my sites, members figured out what the author's affiliation was. “You are definitely a casino guy,” one forum member posted. Now, there is also that hidden IP, as in local host. They try harder now to hide their tracks.

And look at the reaction regarding my statement that the casinos throw out primarily the players who lose big at one point. No chance to recover! It's money in the bank for the kasino! And look also at that stupidly hostile reaction. They make me a criminal by association! They compare me to the criminals who become their own lawyers!

The new house edge in blackjack really really disturbs the casinos.

And, oh, by the way. The third base does not mean the third position! The third base refers to the player in the last seat at the table, right before the blackjack dealer.

"I was researching blackjack odds and read a lot of your assertions. I was interested in what you were saying and some of the points seems worthy of further research. But then you make statements that indicate that maybe you don't know what you're talking about.
You advise a person to leave a table after a long winning streak as soon as that streak ends. What? How do you know when a streak ends? Is it after just one loss? two losses? This is the EXACT sucker mentality that got the roulette tables to put up the boards. The next hand doesn't know what the last hand was.
Ironically, it's the same human lunacy that you somewhat identify as a fallacy of the lotto commentors. You're right when you say that 123456 may have NEVER come up, but so what. It's not a magical number. It probably has come up just as many times as 1 3 5 7 9 11, or 11, 12 13 14 15 16 or 22 46 10 5 19 20. it's the exact same probability, it just that we trigger on the "specialness" of patterned numbers. But what if I told you the last set of six number was also special. Maybe it was the first ball drawn in each of the last six drawings. Would it change the odds now that those are special numbers too? No. So I'm surprised you'd write something as fundamentally flawed as "leave after a streak ends".

You apparently claim to have the skill to write basic programs. I wish I could program. You should write one that calculates ACTUAL win rates based on tables for play and then publish that table. You should even write it to have multiple seats at a table. It be useful to test your "third position/bust odds" proposition. Have the program deal actual cards from an actual deck and then have the player(s) play based on an actual table you control. Then give rules to the dealer. You could run it to show the cards one step at a time and then tell it to run a million hands. Make it as real as possible.


I think you need to work on your strategy. From the tone of your writings, though, I doubt anyone can tell you anything. It's like the "jailhouse lawyers"...criminals who read a few law books in jail and decide they can represent themselves better than their attorneys."

Of course, I responded exactly as Pat, the bitchy bat, expected!

"I'm a criminal, huh? You don't think I know who sends me this type of venomous materials? It's creatures like you, criminal bitch paid by the Kasinos with the intent to intimidate. One more thing, rotten brain: The third base doesn't mean the third position at the table. Stupidiot in probability, you'll see me soon at a casino table near you!"

I believe she would die to have me in her bed, rather than at a casino table! Most women get madly attracted to a man who behaves in my manner…

The casinos react with hostility to the new blackjack dealer's bust odds, probability calculations by Ion Saliu in 2009. Blackjack is a casino game far worse than assumed by most gamblers.

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