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The Best Blackjack Strategy, System Tested with the Best Blackjack Software

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Blackjack Gambling Mathematics

Test Ion Saliu Mental Blackjack System to validate gambling streaks strategies to beat casino.

"Winner, winner!
Chicken dinner!"
(Chant attributed to a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas.)

Start: September 1, 2016
End: September 6, 2016.

I wanted one more important test for my mental blackjack system, my gambling streaks theory, in general. Third-party software is the best way to go. I discovered possibly the best blackjack game for Windows 10: 3rd Floor Blackjack. The application is totally free (subsidized by one non-intrusive ad). I downloaded it from the Store. The standalone game is also fast, responsive and easy-to-use.

The most important part: The blackjack app is not a product of some online casino. Usually, online gambling companies offer free blackjack software that is hugely biased toward the player. The player wins at sensational rates. The plot is to convince gamblers that they can win big — therefore convince them to open online accounts and gamble with real money. Of course, you heard the tune: The gambler loses the shirt off his back when playing with real money! I mean, gambling online with real money is a real disaster for the players!

3rd Floor Blackjack is NOT the production of some Internet casino. I found the game to be fair. The software seems to apply the blackjack rules impartially. The company doesn't care who wins or who loses — it earns revenue from online advertising. Nobody can fake this gambling application. "You can't fake steak!"

I faithfully applied one of my free blackjack systems to this game: Shoe-Start Strategy: The Best Blackjack Strategy: Shoe-Start System.

I applied it as in real-life casino conditions. They don't allow me to write Win(W)/Loss(L) in a notebook. So, I count in memory as in My Mental Blackjack System: Blackjack System for Streaks Betting, Martingale Progressions.

Apparently, 3rd Floor Blackjack uses a virtual continuous shuffling machine (CSM). Yet this CSM is really fair. I strongly suspect that the CSMs in real casinos are rigged (programmed to beat-to-bankruptcy the blackjack players).

Thus, you are always at the start of a shoe. It doesn't really matter how many decks there are in the virtual shoe (CSM). I applied strictly my system, avoiding betting over my head. I encountered 2 streaks of 7 consecutive losses. I wept off the losses with 3 Martingale steps (at losses #5, #6, and #7). My longest winning streak was 5 (it happened 4 times). The ratio is what should be as calculated by my new software for blackjack odds. That is, the house advantage (HA) is at least 7.5%. Don't get drunk with illusions and believe that HA is 0.5%... at worst!

The BJ app lets you take snapshots. I share one or two here. I started with $1000 and advanced to the highest level by winning certain amounts of hands. The lowest level is at $1 minimum bet, and $50 maximum limit. The highest level is at $50 minimum bet, and $5000 maximum bet. The player must advance from the lowest level to the highest by winning various amounts of hands. Of course, the player must not lose his/her initial bankroll!

I played a few hours over two days. I won over $2000. This is the best training one can get applying My Mental Blackjack System. I know, the real-life casino conditions are less favorable, with heat and pressure from the casino honchos. But this strategy can be still played with great success. It is the only way to beat the game of blackjack. There is nothing else — period.

I wrote down the outcomes as they occurred. It is NOT cheating, henchmen! I just added more information. If the loss was a dealer blackjack, I wrote Lj. If I won with a natural blackjack, I wrote Wj. In the case of bust, I scribbled Lb or Wb. I recorded the pushes too (P).

I won over $1200 in less than 2 hours. And thusly I advanced to the high-roller level.

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I played again on another day: less than 2 hours. I won — again — more than $1200. Level of play: High roller (50 minimum, 5000 maximum bet).

Total hands played: 104.
Losses (L): 42
Wins (W): 53
Pushes (P): 9.

This session was biased toward me, the player. I recorded every hand. Again, j means blackjack natural 21, b is for bust, d is for double-down, P means push.

Wj Wj Wd Lb Ld Wb L L W L L Wb L L P Wj W L W Wj W W W P Wd L W L L P L L P L P W Wb P W L L L W L P W Wd Wj L W Wj W Wb W Ld Wb Wbd L Lb Wj L L W W Wb Wb Ld Wb Ld Wb L L Ld Lb P Wb Wb W L L Lb Wb Wd Wb Wb W Wb Lj Lb W Wj Lb L L Lb Wb W W W P Lb Lb WB Wbd

I played some 400 more hands. I reached the 10,000 level in chips. I think I have now a pretty good rundown.

The mental blackjack gambling system beat the casino and house advantage HA big time.

The main point here is the heads-up play can lead to win over the house. Also, the shoe-start works well for the player because of natural 21 and double-down possibilities: Blackjack Probability, Odds Natural, Insurance, Double Down.

This blackjack app I present here employees a FAIR continuous shuffling machine (CSM). Meanwhile, I am afraid the CSMs used in the casinos are chip-programmed. Their software “knows” how to “mix” the cards so that the players ultimately lose. I've had first-hand experiences. I saw the dealer get too many 20 or 21 hands and bust way too little. I compared to manually-shuffled shoes with several players at the table (in the same casino).

I reached the 20,000 mark within one week's time. It is the snowball effect: You win more while building a bigger and bigger bankroll. You play with more and more confidence — applying the most mental gambling system with virtually no fear.

Gambling streaks strategies beat unbiased blackjack app to win 20000 dollars in one week.


I left the game for a while. I came back to it after the stunning presidential election in the United States, November 8, 2016. I wanted to test the consistency of my blackjack strategy. I played for some three hours, doing my best to be... consistent (not betting above my head, given my advantage in chips). I won some additional 4,400 dollars, reaching above the 24,000-level in chips.

Mental blackjack strategy system wins consistently thousands of dollars a day in heads-up play.

Then I played again in the first week of December 2016. I exceeded the $30,000 mark in a few hours' time of play. I even simulated a bathroom break!

The best and free blackjack strategy beats the casino dealer with no doubt.


No doubt, the shoe-start represents the best situation for the blackjack player. And, absolutely undeniably, my mental blackjack system based on streaks is the one and only way to win over the casino. The strategy is also consistent. Heads-up play also improves the chance to win big over the casino.

Axiomatics, the real problem is: Do them casinos ALLOW me or you to play (even without a notebook)? That is the question…

I know the Las Vegas case. Sometimes they use brute force to kick you out. I wouldn't go there, to Mafialand. But even in Trumpland, Home of the Bankrupt, Atlantic City, the pit boss would engage the dealer in a long BS conversation… until I lose patience and leave the table… or until other players lose patience and turn hostile toward yours truly. Read: Fearing Losses, Casinos Bar, Ban Winning Gamblers, Skilled Gambling Players.

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