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A Random Generator Is Much Better Than Most Lottery or Gambling Systems, Programs

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"Only Randomness is Almighty! Randomness is great! Randominus vobiscum!"

You might have already learned a painful lesson. You might have paid serious money for gambling systems, or lotto, lottery systems. They burnt you out! Not only you paid big money for such systems — you also lost big money playing!

There are very, very few systems that really work — IF any outside Ion Axiomaticus Saliu's systems. But Axiomaticus (a.k.a. Parpaluck) is the only author who gives you really great systems for FREE! Granted, the strategy and systems developed by Ion Axiomaticus Saliu are founded on solid mathematics. His theory and practice (systems or strategies) are not for just about any brains. Some mathematical skills are required. Not every human is mathematically inclined. Nothing wrong with that. Most humans are normal, without being mathematicians, or philosophers, or physicists, or artists.

They are just normal persons. It is natural for normal persons to attempt or hope to gain some success, especially financially. That assures a better living. Money represents an important element of the Fear_Survival system inherent to life. Fear-and-Survival is the most essential system of all life, life in all its forms. It is just hope, for the most part. Nothing is certain in the Universe; it's all about probability. That's why God hates mathematics, while brilliant mortals like Einstein hate gambling.

So, it is natural and normal for humans to try gambling. They play lotto and/or other lottery games. There is a plethora of lottery games out there. Pick games, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno ... You name it, they give it to you! Humans also invented the casino gambling. Many persons gamble in casinos in hope of a quick big win. How about investing in the stock market? Well, that is the most gigantic form of gambling. You, the small investor, are not the real gambler in the stock market. Mind you, you do gamble with your money. But the real gamblers are the stockbrokers. They manipulate huge amounts of money. They buy when they think the commodity, or equity, or the likes, has reached rock bottom. If the stock grows to a perceived overly high level, they sell. So, the rule is “buy cheap, sell high”. Problem is, it is really gambling assessing what is cheap and what is high. That's why some brokers win big. The same brokers also lose big! They gamble with people's bankroll, though. And that's why some commit suicide — stock brokers and investors alike!

IF you are not mathematically inclined or willing to fire up your brains with gambling systems and lottery strategies — let Randomness Almighty help you.

Just play randomly. All lottery commissions offer free random generators. They are called something like “quick picks” or “computer picks” or “lucky picks”; the most accurate term is random picks.

The best random generators, however, are not those offered by your lotto commission. The best random generators and odds calculators come from the same Ion Axiomatic Salius. And, again, they are free — except for a reasonable membership fee for access to the software download site. The Web pages are totally free to read and download — only downloading the software (over 100 programs) requires paid membership.

If you click on this link, you will be taken directly to the best ever random numbers generator, probability (odds) calculator:

The main thing to keep in mind is REPETITION. That is, generate many sets of random combinations or numbers BEFORE deciding to play. You save money as you compress the time. Indeed, the more you play the higher the winning probability. Mathematically, the winning probability is lower at the start of playing. So, why not skip a large portion of the losing streak — which comes in the beginning? You compress the time, you save money, and you increase your winning probability.

Version 7.0 of the super generator implements superior inner (innate) filtering for lotto games, including Keno, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions. The Saliusian filters are founded on the most significant parameters of probability theory and statistics. You'll notice on your lotto cards. The patterns follow more closely the patterns of real lottery drawings. You won't be able to distinguish between the patterns of the real lottery draws and the patterns plotted by the random combinations generated by my generators.

You want your own random number generator? Oh, well, it's your right to think positive. But, believe me, and believe me strongly, nobody has ever beaten Ion Axiomaticus Saliu's random numbers generators! There is plenty of lotto, lottery, gambling generators out there. But no random generator comes even remotely close to Axiomatic Ion Salius' random combination/number generators. That's the Truth — it is an unforgivable sin to hide the truth. There is no virtue in modesty, while hiding the truth!

Okay, give it a try! You insist in trying your hand at creating your own random number generator. You're especially interested in a lottery generator, a program to generate true random lotto combinations. You got it! Here is the link to the source code for a very efficient random lottery number generator for ANY lotto game (5/35, 5/39, 6/49, 6/51, 10/80, etc.):

This extraordinarily tiny but efficient function generates truly unique and random numbers to the screen or saves the lotto combinations to disk.

The compiled program of Basic random number generator for any lotto game format.

         PRINT "#"; ION; ":";
 S1 = V: S2 = K
    FOR j = 1 TO S1
    IF RND < S2 / S1 THEN PRINT j; : S2 = S2 - 1
     S1 = S1 - 1

V represents the biggest number in the set (e.g. 49 in a lotto 6/49 game). K represents 'number of elements per combination or line' (e.g. 6 in most loto games around the world; the winning numbers, without any bonus numbers); GU is the number of lottery combinations the user decides to generate. (ION is just a counter, a replaceable index. You can use your name instead of ION as a combination counter; perhaps you think you are a luckier guy, based on your numerological name!) Nothing can be clearer and more logically organized than Ion's software!

The lotto random generator generates lottery combinations sorted or not, much like real-life drawings.

Keep in mind the previous reminder: Repeat a generating cycle several times before attempting to play. Repetitio mater studiorum , said those Ancient wise Romans. Repetition is the mother of all studies.

Best of luck to you, O randomly hopeful student of Randomness Almighty!

Laius Usail,
Doctor in Occult Science of Numerica Aleatora
(Random Numbers Science; derived from Julius Caesar's outpour of joy at glancing a big gamble win — the Gallic Wars — Alea iacta est. Some first-impression translations sound like “pe alee este un iaht"; or “a yacht on the east alley”. Both make for highbrow jokes appreciated by cultured persons.)

This is thorough analysis of random number generating, including programming.


Run for free our random number generator, including for any lotto game in any lottery in the world.

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