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Long-Due Thanks to Loyal Friends

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Randomness Philosophy, Founder of Probability Theory of Life

Philosopher or not, follow Socrates rules of friendship as a form of virtue.

Loyal Friends:

Please accept the sincerest thanks from your true friend, Ion Saliu, also known as Parpaluck!

The key concept here is: I finally decided to publish my works. My decision came from an old friend of mine, a national of Marcel Boll, the author of a little probability book with the incipient Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). In turn, Marcel Boll did not give due credit to a French/English mathematician and philosopher, Abraham de Moivre, who had figured the first step of the FFG. Unfairness considered or not, their unfairness led to the greatest discovery in the Universe! And I claimed it as my own, because of the Degree of Certainty, DC.

As a matter of fact, it's been a long, long journey for me, very relatively speaking. I have had the desire to make myself heard and seen since my early childhood. My parents told me that I was able to read and write since I was five years old, two years before I started mandatory education. My earliest memory — and one of the strongest — dates in the same month as this: November. But the year of grace was 1956, the time of the Hungarian Revolution. The Soviets had just crushed the anti-communist revolt. My parents and grandparents loved to hear me read the newspapers. The official publication of the Romanian Communist Party — Scanteia — had a huge headline and the photo of a communist leader labeled as “The Traitor” (Imre Nagy, I believe… I do not want to google now). We always had the doors locked and the blinds down while reading the newspapers! You never knew who could hear your comments. It was dangerous even for a kid to comment! I mean, the parents would suffer consequences…

Some memories never die!

I moved to a new country, political system, culture, and language (in 1985). Many of my ideas were already blossoming young trees in my mind. My ex-wife almost killed my ideas (and their author!) by threatening to turn my diaries over to the Securitate in 1978 (the feared secret police of Communist Romania).

My expression in American, however, left much to be desired, as far as publication was concerned. Nevertheless, one of my sponsors in the U.S. was also a writer. I told her a true story that took place in communist Romania a short period before my escape. A young man wanted to flee Communism. He decided to take hostage a bus. The secret police did not accept his request to let the bus cross the border into Yugoslavia and then to Italy. The secret police and the border guards opened fire. Almost everybody in the bus was killed. That story was also vivid in my mind.

The writing lady, one of my sponsors, gave me as a gift a small typewriter. I had never had a personal typewriter under Communism. I only used some at work (made in East Germany, German Democratic Republik GDR for all communist nations). For a communist régime, a personal typewriter was the equivalent of a nuclear (nukular Dubyia Bush) weapon. The government meticulously recorded each typicality of every typewriter. A bad writer would always be caught! For a (writing) individual in the Soviet Bloc, the typewriter was the Stairway to Heaven of Creativity. Alas, the failure of many works of creation in Communism was blamed on the lack of typewriters!

I owned three typewriters and three personal computers in the U.S. even before I was able to drive and own a (cheapest) car. That economic failure contributed to the downfall of my personal and economic life — but it assuredly highered the DC of my creativity. Which one is better, only a court of law may decide! The communists would have killed me for owning a typewriter and writing things like these (or things that I have always thought and written about). Kill in a metaphorical shape. In the Free World (with a higher DC than in the East), a bad vehicle could easily lead to death regardless of or many or how good typewriters the driver owned. What's best depends a lot on what side of the probability equation you fall. Personally, I liked best personal computers and perhaps one typewriter. More often than not, in my experience, wives, and especially ex-wives, prefer a good vehicle and a good bank account to any number of computers or typewriters.

The writing lady asked me for the favor to practice my (American) English by writing about that hostage-taking incident. I wrote a screenplay in two weeks or so. She was so impressed that I was afraid for a while she was a CIA agent! My primary sponsor was the wife of a CIA agent! Her father, too…and, incredibly, they were vegetarians! How could a recent immigrant write immediately a screenplay in American English?! The lady wanted a copy uvda screenplay. I think I gave her the original. I must still have a copy of my own around here. She also asked me to promise I will take da screenplay seriously, and even more seriously pursue writing. She said I only needed to learn more synonyms so that I wouldn't use a few words repeatedly (like hostage or bus or shooting).

Another strong memory that never dies! I don't know where the writing lady is now. She was a religious person, like all the people who sponsored my immigration to the U.S. of A. I sincerely hope they are not bitter because I turned as the most convincing advocate for atheism. In fact, I discovered the Ultimate Truth. God is the Ultimate Absurdity — and that's mathematical, therefore undeniable. And we should be happy to follow this rule of life: TRUTH is above anybody.

People can witness my becoming in the public eyes by reading my web incipiencies in the philosophical science of artistic writing. Yes, I coin concepts that stand the rigorousity of precision and the attraction of art. You can read my messages at SALIU.COM starting 1999, when I opened a BBS (bulletin board system). I opened up my brain, heart, and soul… so to speak. Many say, and I agree, that my SALIU.COM/BBS/MESSAGES/ is the birthplace of blogging.

So, I wrote… and wrote… and wrote… especially computer software! For all intents and purposes, I offered my computer creations for free. I know for sure that my digital creations made some people really happy, as winning money can be a tool of happiness. I am not really bitter that I didn't use my tools to pursue my own happiness. Au contraire, I am grateful to my software writing. It helped me discover so many things that are fundamental concepts of the Ultimate Truth. Even if I die in the deepest misery and suffering, I would still be grateful to all the time and pain I invested in my software writing! My software also made me Parpaluck!

I started a big writing campaign after March 9, 2005. I wrote a lot — philosophically, scientifically, artistically, and even religiously. I wrote in the form of exercising my newly-found linguistic tool. My probability theory was absolutely ripe. My Ultimate Philosophy appeared also ripe. The perfectionist that I've always been wanted some fine-tuning of my philosophy. It is no secret now that I want each and every sentence in my Philosophy to be precise with the highest Degree of Certainty, DC.

I still had software projects in the workings in 2005. Plus, I still had casino gambling in my objectives, including escalating a legal complaint (against a casino) I had launched at the end of 2003 (search SALIU.COM for more details).

Then, out of the blue — totally, completely, and literally — a strange disease almost killed me! They call it Shingles in America; it is known medically as Herpes Zoster. Basically, my most formidable desire was to live — pure and simple live. Sometimes, very rarely, though, I didn't feel like life was worth living. The pain was out of this world, end of 2005, beginning of 2006!

The thing that made me feel best and gave me the strongest incentive to survive was the coming to life of my ideas. I could express my thoughts more and more easily and more and more clearly. I kept writing, but I had not contacted any publisher in earnest. Perfectionism was also a reason as well.

In May of 2007 I decided that I might be able to make money simply by allowing Google advertising on my web pages. I thought, probably too-much-wishfully-thinking, that the revenue would allow me to dedicate my life to software writing and, especially, philosophical and mathematical writing. It started just like that, like fueling that fire of wishful thinking. It only lasted for weeks. The end of 2007 and especially 2008 were struck by one of the deepest economic crisis in the last 50 years of this grandiose world of ours. (Hey, you gotta be bombastic now and then! Bombastic is the best replacement of bombs…)

The end of 2008 also hit me with a form of cruel and unusual punishment in a legal form. I presented it in harsh expression at the end on 2008 (as you can find out by googling my website). It's so miserable that I try hard now to restrain from even harshest language. Bottom line, a miserable ex-wife, in conjunction with a miserable clique of legal clerks, absolutely put their energy in destroying me…I mean it physically! They seized my bank account without much legal consideration. When they realized that the immigrant that I was gained some legal knowledge, they bent “their law” somehow and gave me some hope in the summer of 2009. It was only a fake. They returned me back to square one. Like at the end of last year, they seized all my money during the cold season. The same this year. They try to take from me every chance I have to survive. It's hard to survive without a shelter. And they stop me from paying rent by seizing all my money! Looks like two legal state agencies (Michiganders) try to literally kill me. Their mostly faked legal documents are contradictory. One agency always acts against me while I am in some action of appeal!!! One says that I am protected by the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act: Not withhold more than the lesser! The other state agency takes no lesser than my everything… less than my life???

But in the autumn of 2009 I started in earnest the action of publishing my works in print. You can read more about my decision (w)right here, on this message board (that was, that is). My decision might be just one reason for the legal…criminals to intensify their witch-hunt! Like a phone call from “Unknown number” put it: “Who wants to kill you? Have you considered killing yourself? Isn't it true?” Yeah, right! Most likely they wanted to record me say that I might have wanted to kill them! NOT!

Well, looks like my best-fitting genre is drama, after all! I started my unofficial writing career with the screenplay based on a true story of hijacking in order to escape. Then I did escape — literally, I mean, not metaphorically! Literal drama will have to wait, however. I have these two books opened actively. I must accomplish first the probability book. As Laplace put it, all life's problems are really probability problems. Please remark that both Latin words start with prob.

Meanwhile, the bunch of my googoos already smelled blood. They must have guessed that I go through some problems. Thus, they feel this is a good time for them to harm me somehow. That is, let attack the Parpaluck! I noticed Dirty Dozen already started to litter my message board with all kinds of spam. Their intent is to make me waste a lot of time deleting the misery. Or, their highest hope is that I would be overwhelmed and thus incapable of clean-up. This informative place would be invaded and sunk in a carpet of filthy weeds. Nobody would be able to read the useful information published here! So they fanatically hope that my ideas — and therefore the Truth — would be buried deep down into oblivion! Now, that's insane wishful-thinking stupidity!

There is no big deal, though. We already reached the point of a vicious cycle. We had already started to present in my forums the same old, same old! We had started to present ideas and strategies and theories that are presented already. Do-over all over again! And again! Not to mention that the ideas and theories had already been presented in more detail at SALIU.COM. No, I don't say that my site and/or my message board represent the comprehensive presentation of the most truthful ideas in their respective fields. But it might take a while to see something new. Just compare to what you have found in other forums dedicated to probability, mathematics, gambling, lottery, to mention just the bulk of attraction to my sites. So, just read what's already live! Message boards, forums, or, especially, SALIU.TOM.

I am such a lucky Homo sapiens, all things considered! Those before me who might have been so much closer to the Ultimate Truth had no computers. And some were burned at stake for that! I wished I would have been able to address them the Requiescant in pace oration as the holidays approach. Who would hear my oration? The Ultimate Absurdity?! NOT!

I finally decided to publish my works in philosophy and theory of probability.

Read my decision to publish my works in print, in addition to electronic format.

Philosopher or not, follow Socrates laws of friendship as a form of virtue. Thank you friends... for reading my book!

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The writing lady, one of my sponsors, gave me as a gift a small typewriter.