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Politics, Education, Oppressors, Turncoats, About-Face, Profiteers

Did Communists void my University Diploma and erased my name from the archives of my Alma Mater?

Was Ion saliu diploma voided and annulled because he defected?

Authored by Ion Saliu on June 26, 2012.

One clinically mad guy, who grew a deep obsession with me, went insofar as to doubt my University Diploma (as stated on the cover of my book). He inquired my Alma Mater, The Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, regarding my University degree. They might have not found my name in the annals of the institution!

I wrote about one of my former professors during my higher studies during the Communist era. I honestly believe the named professor was a turncoat who “betrayed” Communism and became an advocate for the free market! That, of course, happened only after the fall of Communism in 1989!

I wrote also about other famous cases of Romanian Communist turncoats, including a famous soccer player and man of the security apparatus, Cornel Dinu (the URL was removed

I left Communist Romania in 1984. My University had a special status, especially since Nicolae Ceausescu was a graduate of the college of political economy. It was unacceptable for such an institution to have a defector among the graduates. In most cases, the Communist régimes simply erased all references to those who defected to the West. Like in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-four, the person who defected ceased to exist even as a name!

When I “defected”, I took along a number of documents, including my birth certificate, and my diplomas (both high school and University). I still keep all my documents issued in Communist Romania! I scanned my University Diploma in two images:

The top side of Ion Saliu's Diploma in Political Economy.

The bottom side of Ion Saliu's Diploma in Political Economy.

The Rector (President) of The Academy of Economic Studies at that time was one Gheorghe Dolgu. He was pretty well-known in the United States. He was a Romanian Professor Doctor in economics and also studied economics at American institutions. Dolgu served also in the mission of Communist Romania to the United Nations. He was very liberal by Communist standards. He might have saved my cause temporarily, at least. He taught economics only to my class of some 30 students. He probably asked other professors to cut me some slack. Maybe he thought, to himself or aloud, about me: “He isn't even close to a maverick by American standards!”

The Decan (Dean) of my college represented the typical Communist nepotism. The guy was a close friend of Ceausescu's. That's why he was installed in that very important position. His stupidity, however, was the constant joke of the students!

I visited Romania in 2010. My Alma Mater is still named Academia de Studii Economice (ASE). I visited the institution and I donated a copy of my book to the library of ASE. I told them that I was a student when Georghe Dolgu was the Rector. Nobody remembered that name ... Georghe Dolgu! O tempora, O mores!

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Like in George Orwell's Nineteen eighty-four communists erased undesirable history.

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The essay on politics, education, oppressors, turncoats, profiteers.