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CoolRevGui: The Definitive File Reverser, Shuffler, and Text Viewer Software

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Programming Science

The best text file viewer, computer programming is CoolRevGUI.

Written on December 7, 2002; later updates.

• CoolRevGui, version 1.2, December 17, 2002.

Cool GUI application to reverse text files, in the manner of UpDown.
Also, the application shuffles text files, in the manner of Shuffle.

The application is a nice text file viewer, too.
Created by Cristiano Lopes, systems engineer, Portugal.

• I wrote some time ago that I ran into hardship when I needed to update my lottery data files. There is no consistent Internet format in presenting the lottery results. Moreover, the order is bottom-recent, top-oldest. It's exactly the opposite of the required LotWon data format. Case was most true when Pennsylvania Lottery added yet another game. They adopted the Powerball lotto. It is a mega-odds game (53/5/42), with several participant states. The jackpot frequently goes above $100 million, therefore no house edge. Evidently, no percentage advantage occurs when an entity would be able to play more than 120 million combinations!

So, I needed to write a little program that reverses the order in ASCII (text) files: UpDown. The bottom of the file becomes the top of a new file. UpDown can be downloaded from main download site. It became 32-bit Command Prompt software that can handle huge data files. The command prompt software is very fast and easy to use.

UpDown is Command prompt lottery software to reverse the order in text files, small and large.

One day I came across an interesting post in my EZBoard forum:
"Comments on your programs" -

I receive emails with a similar content. They always raise red flags with me. Probably no more than 1 in 100 people who write to me are computer programmers driven by malicious intentions. But I do know that software developers want to get their hands on my algorithms and source code. Even what I considered friendly persons had no purpose but gain access to the inner workings of my software. The time to freeware the source code has not yet come…

Command line parameters make users' lives easier, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, it gives the opportunity to few suckers to illegally use my software in conjunction with their own programs. My software would run invisibly and its hard work in the background be ripped off by other programs. Not acceptable, even if that would be a 1 in 1,000,000 cases event! Someone who wrote a good piece for me knows better what I mean…

So, that's how I treated the programming post in my EZBoard forum.

  • The author, however, proved to have good intentions. Cristiano Lopes is a systems engineer who works in a maritime lab in Portugal. He sent me a few GUI programs that better my UPDOWN.

    Incidentally, UPDOWN is a quite frequent keyword search that leads to my website. I have no clue to what other connotations the keyword might have. At the time I wrote the software, the keyword had no rated connotations.

    Cristiano Lopes wrote this C++ application using Microsoft Visual Studio:
    He decided to offer it as freeware. It can be downloaded from the software site category 5.7. The program is accompanied by a short info file: Readme_CRG.txt. Download it with the application.

    The software is very easy to use. It offers the advantage of a GUI application over a text program such as Updown. The user can select much more easily the file to reverse, using the common Windows interface. Then, easy again, the user can save the file to a different name, or the same name. The cool thing about this application is its file viewing capability. It is a superior file viewer compared to the default Notepad. CoolRevGui is only 50 KB in size! I think Cristiano Lopes can improve further this application. The file viewer can be fine-tuned. The application can also add shuffling to reversing.

    Download two free software titles created by Cristiano Lopes, systems engineer, Portugal.

    Free software for text editing, file viewer, reverser, shuffling or randomizing order in files.

    Download CoolRevGui. The program that reverses the order in ASCII files: The bottom of the file becomes the top of a new file.
    Cool GUI application to reverse text files, in the manner of the UPDOWN.
    CoolRevGui, version 1.2, December 17, 2002.
    Download also the info file: ReadMe_CRG.txt. Try also the zipped file: COOLREVGUI.ZIP.

    Download MARKOV.

    The program analyses lotto-6 data files using Markov chains theory.

    Markov, version 1.0, January 6, 2003.
    For more details, read the article: Markov Chains in Lottery.

    Analyze the lottery by applying the mathematics of Markov Chains and lotto software.

    • • The truth is that the lottery commissions are becoming increasingly hostile to computers. They treat the computers as enemies. They have become aware that lottery software does shift the balance. The players who use software can gain a tremendous advantage. I non-modestly believe that only LotWon is considered lottery software at this time. That's the pure truth.

    One reason why the lottery commissions change so often the game formats, especially in the United States. The lotteries make it also very hard to download lottery results over the Internet. Some commissions add dots and all kind of weird delimiting codes to their draws. The UK national lottery site is the champion of making it hard. Their draw history is an example of hardship. The past draws are offered via Java scripting. The downloading is an exercise in digital sadism. Don't try it at home with WinWord or another word processor!

    I've heard of other strange stories. There is a good piece of writing e-published in Spanish. I'll try my best to get it right in English.

    I did work with many Hispanics, in my quality as a farm hand. I enjoyed their musicality so much that I started to solo sing publicly for the first time in my life. I am not Hispanic-born, but I started singing in Spanish only! I still sing mainly in Latin-American Spanish. It all started with this Latin American song inspired by the beautiful Vijana song. Originally, the theme is from an old Hispanic song named something like Soy un povre araucano. Keep in mind, Vijana here is not pronounced like in Spanish but more like in Portuguese. So, Vijana sounds like a more natural reference to the beautiful magnolia flower of the human female.

    O Vijana mi amor
    Te voi chochar yo con ardor
    Te voi arde con vigor.
    (Para, parara ra ra...
    Para, pararara ron... I added a nice Hispanic refrain...)

    The or suffix is pronounced like in Caribbean Spanish: like OL. It sounds a whole lot more enticingly lovingly...sexily... With a proper instrumental arrangement, this could definitely become one of the greatest hits in the history of Latin American music. This is how the music sounds in my own interpretation:

    Povre Lover At-Large

    CoolRevGui is the best file reverser, shuffler, and text viewer software.

    File reverser, shuffler, and text viewer software are free at this site.

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    Cristian Lopes, computer programmer, wrote two pieces free software, file reverser, Markov Chains.