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"We consider which HALF of the wheel the ball landed in"
"Roulette System That Won Millions"

The original roulette systems based on wheel half or hemisphere were discovered in 2000.

The above roulette system (or collection of roulette systems) is promoted by a gambling vendor (or a group of gambling developers) in Australia - The system represents flagrant piracy of roulette systems and software I, Ion Saliu, discovered as early as the year 2000.

I did not discover that act of piracy on my own. It is impossible to know about everything that takes place in this world. I received inquiries, however, that raised the level of my curiosity. Then, a direct, blunt question. Was I behind that Down Under roulette system? Or did I license a group of entrepreneurs to market my strategy and software? Probably a user of the above roulette system… guaranteed to win (or guaranteed to be an act of piracy!) It was clear to me that the gambler in cause was frustrated.

The half-based roulette system does NOT work as advertised! You might not see a strong wheel bias in a long, long time. I believe it happens very rarely due to the frequent change of the roulette wheels. But, the system can be applied as in my Super Roulette Strategy for probability cases p = 1/2. The hemisphere roulette system is harder to apply than even-money bets. It requires the paper wheel layout and a quick division into the two semicircles (inside or outside). Then, quick betting on 19 roulette numbers, one by one!

I discovered severe wheel bias at a roulette table at Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. I wrote on July 4, 2000 — Roulette Strategy and Real-Life Casino Testing:

I did notice bias, however. It was due to the wear of the roulette wheel. The ratio was 80% to 20% biased towards the outer hemisphere!

A hemisphere (or wheel half, or semicircle) consists of 19 numbers (double-zero roulette). The ratio should be 50-50 mathematically (considering the standard deviation). That is, if the last roulette number fell in this sector, the next spin should result in a number in the outside half, or the inside half. The inner half or hemisphere of the roulette wheel consists of the last roulette number, plus 9 numbers clockwise and 9 number counter-clockwise (a total of 19 slots). The outer half represents the numbers on the opposite side.

If the numbers are computer-generated, the ratio between the inner half and outer hemisphere are, indeed, mathematically even (within one standard deviation in a vast majority of trials). Does the mechanical roulette show a non-mathematical bias in a very long run? There is the (widely accepted) case of Hamburg Spielbank. I have a database of 7990 real casino spins for the same table, for the entire month of January 2006.

The Hamburg Spielbank roulette is single-zero: A total of 37 numbers, from 0 to 36. The inner half consists of 9+9+1 = 19 numbers. The outer hemisphere (semicircle) consists of the rest of the roulette numbers: 18. Thus, the ratio between the outer half and the inner half is 18/19 = 94.7%. The statistical results should show a comparable ratio.

The analysis of the last 1000 spins (most recent) of the Hamburg Spielbank database shows an outside/inside ratio of 93.5%. The bias is 94.7 – 93.5 = 1.2% in favor of the inside half. The analysis of all 7990 spins of the Hamburg Spielbank database shows an outside/inside ratio of 90.6%. The bias is 94.7 – 90.6 = 4.1% in favor of the inside half.

Apparently, the roulette table #1 at Hamburg casino had a run when the inner hemisphere was statistically biased. The 4.1% bias is an average for the 7990 spins in the data file of Hamburg Spielbank permanenzen. If 1.2% was a minimum, then a maximum of over 7% occurred in any 1000 group of contiguous spins. It is possible that maximum biases larger than 7% occurred in runs shorter than 1000 roulette spins (e.g. 200 spins). A new version of my roulette software will allow for statistical analyses within ranges of spins, at a user's choice. Right now, the analysis starts at the top, always spin #1 (the most recent one). The last spin to be analyzed is determined by the user, and it can go all the way to the bottom (the oldest result in the data file).

Standard deviation is the watchdog of randomness. Of TheEverything, that is, for everything is random to a degree of randomness or another. For 7990 spins, the standard deviation for the wheel outer half is 45 spins. That represents 0.6% of total spins. That is, the fluctuation should be plus or minus .6%. It is the overwhelming case of unbiased roulette wheels. The 4.1% bias falls way outside three standard deviations (1.8%)!

For 1000 spins, the standard deviation for the wheel outer half is 16 spins. That represents 1.6% of total spins. That is, the fluctuation should be plus or minus 1.6%. It is the overwhelming case of unbiased roulette wheels. The 1.2% bias falls within three standard deviations. The roulette wheel bias cases of over 7% do not. They fall way, way outside the normal probability rule!

The case of three standard deviations is really abused and misinterpreted. In the 1000-spin case. If we analyze 1000 ranges of 1000 spins each, only in one case will we see a situation where the bias is close to 3.6% (three times 1.2%). In most cases, the roulette bias will be much less than 3.6%. Keep in perspective the rule of the normal probability!

I did some calculations for one month, that January of 2006. Playing this roulette wheel-half system with flat betting would have yielded a profit in excess of a quarter million euros. Had the player become aware of the inner half bias of roulette table #1 at Hamburg Spielbank (by just analyzing the results on the table marquee on January 1st), he/she would have netted well over one million euros by applying a 3-4-step Martingale betting.

Indeed, millions and millions would have been profited from by exploiting the roulette wheel bias. Chances are, the casinos had no clue regarding this type of roulette wheel bias — before Parpaluck released his always-unique software. And thusly, another gist of pirates tried to exploit Ion Saliu's intelligence for their own profit. Main point is, they committed piracy — that's against all laws in all countries. More sadly, the pirates charged big money for a gambling system and roulette software program already available for free! I mean just pay a modest US $29.99 membership free— and everything else after that is totally free! Don't have to pay US $2500 for something that you already get for FREE!

Perhaps the casino did not change the wheel during that month. They were not aware of this type of statistical analysis. It was not easy for a potential gambler, however. She would have had to be in the casino all the time, at the same table. Looked at the marquee and quickly realized that the inner half was favored. Started betting on numbers in the inner hemisphere. Applied progression betting after a loss (when the roulette ball landed in the outside half). If the player was lucky to find herself in the middle of a strong bias (like I was in that 20/80 case), she would have collected big money! My case was for double-zero roulette; therefore the ratio between the inner and outer halves is even: 19/19 = 100%.

The latest reports indicate that the casinos change the wheels quite often! The casinos also change the wheel layouts or patterns more frequently than ever. The player has to be really quick at reading those table layouts (cards) that the casinos offer in their roulette areas.

I wrote statistical software to analyze the ratio between the inner and outer halves of the roulette wheel: RouletteHemis ©. In 2002, I offered that piece of software to a gambler, as a token of appreciation. He had given me information on another gambler who was claiming, inside an Atlantic City casino, that he was Ion Saliu himself, and he was willing to sell his gambling systems on the spot!

In 2005, I offered my software, RouletteHemis, as freeware, to all visitors to my website. I introduced paid membership to my site in 2007. Only members may download my software (which is free to run after downloading). Any visitor becomes a member by paying a reasonable membership fee in order to download my software (even some software source code). Would you compare the $30 membership fee to the $2500 the bunch charges for their act of piracy of my roulette systems and software?

I was first informed about the pirating of my wheel half (hemisphere) roulette system as early as January of 2007. I wrote about it in my roulette forum.

At that time, I might have or might have not filed complaints with authorities or watchdogs. I became busier with implementing Goggle AdSense and paid membership to download my software. This time, in 2009, I filed a complaint with a software business association that fights piracy. I will also file a legal complaint with pertinent authorities in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It is shocking and outrageous the extent of piracy and plagiarism, including on eBay! I have discovered myself but I especially found out thanks to information from other people. My Super Roulette Strategy was also pirated on eBay. That piracy defied the lowest of human thickness. The pirate plagiarized my roulette page word by word, including words I created (like Osaisai Wusu)! My Fundamental Formula of Gambling was also pirated big-time on eBay:

Free Winning Software, Systems: True Gifts on eBay, NOT Piracy.

The roulette pirates got scared to death! They no longer sell Ion's roulette gambling system.

Addendum — August 2009
Apparently, the law had its effects: The Australian roulette pirates got really scared! They announce at their website that they decided to stop selling their roulette system and roulette computers. They made this announcement in red:

NOTICE: We have decided to soon cease accepting new players for both our system (described on this site) and our roulette computers. We intend to accept only a few additional players. This is purely so we can focus on our own private teams of players. We will continue to support existing players for as long as they require.

Baloney! They don't want to end up behind bars! They already sent emails to their customers on the decision to cease selling the pirate version of one of my roulette systems. Guess how the deceived roulette customers will react!

Addendum — October 2010
I found out that YouTube dropped the Stefano Hourmouzis video on the grounds of piracy and copyright infringement. The video only displays this message:

  • "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."
  • Read more on insanity and piracy (like a police TV drama):

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