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Proofs of legal or illegal roulette systems, strategies

Proofs of legal or illegal roulette system, strategy

Posted by Ion Saliu on September 09, 2000.

In Reply to: Beware of fraudulent roulette systems! posted by Ion Saliu on September 08, 2000.

: ē "I have"... You have nothing. So far... You must show us something. Something that you know what roulette is about. Show us a little detail to convince us that you are not a scammer. Some math will do best. You don't have to detail your gambling system. In my case, I made public, for free, a roulette system that does win and it is based on math. But that does not tell a thing about my real roulette strategy.

: If you continue to post the same message again and again, I will consider you a spammer. I will deal with it accordingly. After all, you posted your...postal address. I know also your IP address. Believe me, I hit very hard when the situation requires. And I never regret it, 'cuz I know when I'm right. And cos I am reasonably patient and understanding.

One more thing. If you got your hands, somehow, on my real roulette strategy, you could be in big trouble. There are a few lucky ones who got the chance at portions of my real roulette strategy. They would have no interest, however, to reveal the strategy to others. Unless, of course, you are one of them, who wants to acquire a big bankroll by selling the casino strategy. Keep in mind also that people talk. Donít be surprised if one of your (potential!) customers will let me know what your roulette system is founded upon. Is there a formula, such as the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG)? Are there streaks involved? Is the strategy in spreadsheet format? Well, then, it must be Ion Saliuís roulette strategy. There would be several ways to prove my copyright ownership, including witnesses. I hope it is not the case. If the roulette gambling strategy is yours, it is impossible to resemble mine in more than 1-5%.

This is one of the most common things on the Internet: Just about everything I create is pirated sooner rather than later. First, though, everything I discover or create is virulently attacked. No rocket science here: Those who viciously attack me are mainly competing authors and developers in the gambling and lottery fields. The casinos also attack me because my theories and systems threaten the interests of the gambling business.

There is also a special category of attackers: The future pirates of my systems, theories, software. The wormy brains do believe that, by attacking me, I would fold-up shop and run away. That way, they falsely believe, they would have green light to pirate my creations ó and thusly make a buck or two off my efforts without challenge.

Here is one of the most blatant cases. In 2009, I discovered that an Australian group under the umbrella of started to offer one of my roulette systemsÖ as theirs! The ring leader appears to be one Stefano Hourmouzis (a.k.a. Steve or Steven in gambling forums), who first courted me, then attacked me. The roulette system was heavily advertised on the Internet, plus on YouTube, plus a television documentary. "Roulette System That Won Millions!" "We consider which HALF of the wheel the ball landed in!"

The roulette system was based on my discovery of a gambling system based on the hemispheres or the halves of the roulette wheel. You can read about the piracy in detail and see also the original YouTube video here:

Naturally, I filed complaints with pertinent agencies. In October of 2010, I found out that YouTube dropped the video on the grounds of piracy and copyright infringement. The video only displays this message:

  • This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.
    The pirates themselves decided to stop the distribution of my roulette system (as their piracy).

    No proofs of legal or illegal roulette system, strategy by a gambler considered to be a scammer.

    A scammer claims that he discovered a playable, reliable gambling system to win at roulette.

    Beware of scandalous and fraudulent roulette systems!

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