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Flying Chair — John Paul II Papal Dream, a Dream during Pope's Funeral

By Ion Saliu, Pious Atheist At-Large

Dream Interpretation: A Dream During Pope's Funeral.

Written on April 9, 2005 (5 WE).

It was Friday, April 8, 2005. I got up as usually and prepared to go to work. I turned on the radio to an early edition of the BBC World Service on American Public Radio. The entire program seemed to be dedicated to the funeral ceremonies for Pope John Paul II. I decided to turn the TV on. The local TV stations were broadcasting live the papal funeral. I was unable to watch it minute by minute, because I had to get ready for work. My eyes (and mind, of course) caught and retained some impressive moments. The architecture was impressive (religion can't exist without impressive architectural structures). The pageantry was impressive, with all those cardinals dressed in red — a color inspired by the impressive power of the Roman Empire. The Christian religion would have never survived, if not for the Roman Empire. In turn, the second largest religion — Islam — would have not come into existence if not for Christianity. The music of the funeral ceremony was also impressive. In a few words, I was highly impressed while watching the Papal funeral.

Pope John Paul II was an important figure. I lived under communism when then Polish cardinal was elected Pope. Many people living in the former Soviet bloc had high hopes for change as a result of the electing of a Pope from a communist country. Many link the collapse of communism to Pope John Paul II. He played a role in the world politics. Honestly, he was not a real reason for the downfall of communism. One individual played a much, much greater role: Mihail Gorbachov. Another individual, Ronald Reagan, played a more significant role than the Pope. But no single individual determine the downfall of a political system. It is the system itself that causes its own rise or downfall. It is strongly related to the Fear_Survival system that rules absolutely all forms of life. Individuals like Gorbachev or Reagan (or the Pope, in a less impacting measure) contribute to some increase in the speed of a downfall. In my opinion, communism collapsed one generation before the moment with the highest probability.

That was the general environment of yours truly in the morning of Friday, April 8, 2005.

The nightfall came as usually, independently from any individual, powerful or not. Granted, the nightfall came exactly as in the Gregorian calendar, the creation of another Pope, Gregory the Great. I went to sleep as normally — without being forced or influenced by any individual, powerful or not. I just felt I had to sleep. My FearSurvival system put me to sleep, but just not before I kind of joked a little. I said silently, in a kidding manner: “Pope, if you really started a new life, give me an unmistaken sign!”

And thus I must have fallen asleep in a delta brainwave state. Then I entered one of those, sometimes beautiful, REM moments (Rapid-Eye-Movement). The humans dream during the REM periods of the night (even daytime, if they work the graveyard shift; they called it Stalin's shift in the former Soviet bloc).

Oh, no! Don't expect that! I didn't convert back to religion! I never will! It was an interesting coincidence, my dream was.

Actually, my dream strengthens my theory. All life is ruled by Fear_Survival, undoubtedly. But humans are specifically computing beasts. They have minds. The minds are programmable. The minds are run by MOS (mental operating system). Events are recorded on mind almost like software files on a computer disk. The operating system makes possible the playback of the programs. The more impressive the events, the more clearly they are recorded on mind; the program files are more strongly formatted; the chance of a clear playback is higher.

As I said, the funeral of the Pope impressed me. The impressionable mental programs must have been written close (brain location) to impressionable events from my childhood. The big house gave me chills when I was a young boy. I was afraid to enter the house at night. It all started with a reproduction of the “Primordial Sin”. The painting was hanging on the west wall of the west room. That room was always cold. It was a representation of Adam and Eve almost naked. Eve was offering Adam the forbidden apple. A scary snake was witnessing the scene. That painting in combination with the explanations from my grandparents and parents scared the bejeezus out of me. The little boy was afraid that God and Satan were fighting in that room. I was frightened not to get caught in the crossfire. The more my parents laughed at my scare, the more frightened I grew. They took the painting off the wall. Curiously, we always had an icon of the crucifixion hanging on the east wall of the room where I slept. The icon never frightened me. On the contrary, it made me feel very strong! I never went to sleep before kneeling and praying with my face to the crucifixion icon. Of course, the explanation the young boy received from his grandparents and parents was highly positive. I believed seriously that praying to the icon would make me the best who ever was. I prayed for the best possible grades in school — virtually, I always got the best possible grades in school!

Thus, my Papal dream was, in part, a result of the playback of impressive events from my past and recent present. The Fear_Survival system played also a role. The apparent message is that I am stuck, somehow. I am sedentary. I stick in my chair. Let the chair fly!

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Ion Saliu,
Doctor in Occult Science of Dreaming

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The Flying Chair was a dream during the funeral of Pope John Paul II.


The Flying Chair was a dream during the funeral of Pope John Paul II.

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The papal dream strengthens Ion Saliu's theory regarding Fear, Survival, life, religion, childhood, concerns.