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Avoid Errors in Lotto, Lottery Strategy Software by Running the Latest Version

One way for the software user to avoid errors in the lottery strategy software, or lotto software is to use files consistent with the version.

Posted by on Saliu on June 30, 2000.

In Reply to: Pesky error 62 in lotto strategy-checking software solved posted by Silex on June 30, 2000.

: Hi Ion,
: FYI, since my last posting I have duplicated the error-62 problem by using your Data-3 and your Sim-3 files (that are part of the Lotwon3 lottery software package that you recently made available) by inserting 998 in your Data-3 file.
: Anyways, I now solved the problem by following your latest suggestion to generate another SIM-3 file. I had to "simulate" 8200 drawings to make it work. Thank you for your kind help.
: Best regards,
: Silex.

• Can you do me a favor and send me your W3 files WHEN they created the error in STRAT3? There may still be something in SUPER-3. There may be also a problem in the file names:
SUPER-3 = as in SuperPower lottery software ( v10.99.02)
SUPER3 = as in “Super Pick 3” (lotwon3).
Again, I advise you always stay in the same package; you can only use the data files from other versions or packages).
Ion Saliu

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Lottery software, programs, lotto software and error 62, programming errors.


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