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Questions about roulette or casino gambling systems? Almost always casino agents in disguise!

Roulette gambling systems, suspicion towards casinos.

Posted by Marc THIBAUD on July 01, 2000.

In Reply to: Re: Hello, Doc ! What's the price of your Roulette System ? posted by Ion Saliu on June 30, 2000.

: • Marc:
: Salut, le copain! Comment ca va, ca va, mon ami? Your English today is as informative as it can be in the Global Village. Way to go! Bravo, copain! Just look around this message board: English from all over the world! It means that we are steadily on the way of using one language in this village. It may just happen to be English as the chosen Lingua Franca. I hope you are not that kind of French (or Canadian, or Romanian) who heatedly believes that the French language should have that honor. You know, we humans are the best creatures at choosing the most efficient tools. It is more efficient to say “If File bad, Goto End” than “Es-que vous avez un dossier maliciuex, alors allez-vous au fin…” Okay, okay, my French is not what it used to be, but you got my message…

: Anyway, I still love French: For wine, culture, and especially for roulette. Nobody sounds better in a casino than a man speaking French to a woman, at the roulette table, not even that false, “impotente” James Bond… See how long my sentences are sometimes? That’s because of Latin, Romanian, French…

: Mon ami, my roulette system is for real. How did you just come up with this message? It’s a little strange. You know I might sound paranoid in this regard. Nevertheless, I received way too many such strange messages. Frankly, I suspect you are a casino executive or even owner. I still don’t understand how you came up with this idea, of asking me about my roulette strategy! Because, I wanted to make a related announcement soon. Sounds like you talked with someone who had the chance to know something about my systems… C’est toi, SK de B de H?

: A la notre!

: Ion Saliu


No, No i'am not a casino executive and/or owner, but i would like to be ! I would have less money problems...but this is another story !

Yes, maybe my message seemed strange, but it's normal, because i am strange. Period. And if you have the impression that I "know" something about your system, well, it's maybe because i am very very intuitive, often unconsciously...i say or i think things that just happened or will happen soon. Voilà. My brother-in-law is Romanian ( IORDACHE sounds good to you ? )...For the English as Web language, it's the best natural choice Terrians could make. Simple, quick, practical. Nothing to say.

Well. I hope to know more about your system, as soon as possible. My ONLY DREAM in this life ( I joke a few, but not so much ) is to win regular MONEY at casinos. I hate "TRAVAIL"...I love "CREATION" and SELF ACCOMPLISHMENT.

I imagine your paranoid brain ( ha, ha, ha ) when you read these words. Don't be afraid, brother, i am with you...

Continue to make us dream and hope.

Bye, friend. Marc

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Ion Saliu has a founded suspicion when visitors ask him about his roulette strategy, casino gambling systems.


Nobody sounds better in a casino than a man speaking French to a woman, at the roulette table.

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