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Faithful users want Ion to stop selling or distributing his lottery software and/or gambling systems

Forces oppose the distribution of winning lottery software, lotto systems, gambling strategies..

Posted by Ion Saliu on April 25, 2000.

In Reply to: Casino executives, competing lottery software, system authors: Hostile opponents posted by Ion Saliu on April 25, 2000.

I forgot to mention a third category of people who want me to discontinue my software and systems. These are USERS of my software and systems. A most faithful user of my lottery and horseracing software exemplifies this best. In a way, I consider him a collaborator. He put it sincerely a few years ago: "You made the wisest decision when you stopped selling your software." I certainly understand that reaction. I reacted the same way several years back. I remember my interviews for computer programming jobs. I never revealed ALL the sources of my knowledge, or ALL the tricks I knew.

There has been a positive consequence of presenting part of my software and systems. I received feedback. I looked at the phenomena from new angles and I came up with new ideas. I am thankful for that. The main point is to strike the balance between feedback and self-interest, between self-interest and the duty to present the truth, between the duty to present the truth and presenting the truth for glory (and perhaps some money).

Ion Saliu

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