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By Ion Saliu, Founder of Roulette Gambling Mathematics

PowerPlay, Goldmine roulette systems, casino gambling written by Chip Casher.

Posted on July 19, 2000.

Hello Ion,

It was interesting reading your messages to me, as well as the few I surfed through on your message board. Let me first say that I have never seen Casino Royale, but it sounds as though a certain elusive Richard Graham, aka many other names, may have used it as a basis for his expensive Goldmine Roulette System!

I am also quite positive our methods of play are not at all the same. My New York Times method is called Power Play. Please note, not Power Roulette, heaven forbid! It was developed more than 6 years ago. I did indeed have advertisements in the NY Times Business Opportunities section & had to demonstrate it to the editors before they would accept it. I did the same to potential buyers and screened them to be as sure as possible not to have a "gambler's mentality" type purchase it. Sales were limited to 15 people and there was a non-disclosure agreement signed. I could not sell it for 5 years. The buyers could never reveal it at all. Thankfully, all are still satisfied.

I have had several other experiences, most notably a legal matter regarding a copyright issue that a certain system seller was caught in a rather uncomfortable position. (is it Mr A of PowerPlay Roulette and Baccarat System?)

As for your "casino gambling challenge", I imagine it is tongue in cheek. I'm sure you know there is no way to prove anything one way or another. How could we possibly play enough to get any meaningful results? How could we be sure we would play at the same tables? Etc., etc.. Besides, I view the casino as the opponent.

Let me also point out that I have previously corrected an oversight I made on the lets talk winning board. I stated being ahead 20,000 units in baccarat, when it should have read $20,000. For anyone interested, please go to that roulette and gambling message board to see I made that correction a few weeks back. I again apologize for it.

My best wishes to you ION and to everyone who follows this message board. Finally, any James Bond movie I can remember that had a casino setting, used baccarat as it's game of choice. Maybe Casino Royale was written by "ION" Fleming!!





Thank you very much indeed for your email messages. You are always welcome to post here. There is never a need to ask for permission!

By the way, even Sean Connery, the original James Bond, played roulette for big money. I read in the informative “Encyclopedia of Gambling” by Carl Sifakis. Reportedly, Sean Connery played the roulette number 17 and won THREE times in a row! If that's not blind luck, maybe the casino fixed the spins to honor their special guest!

You wrote:
"As for your 'casino gambling challenge', I imagine it is tongue in cheek. I'm sure you know there is no way to prove anything one way or another. How could we possibly play enough to get any meaningful results? How could we be sure we would play at the same roulette tables? Etc., etc.. Besides, I view the casino as the opponent."

I believe there is a valid way to prove roulette systems: Playing in a casino! The casino is the opponent, indeed. Others could choose the tables for us, or you and I select the tables blindfolded. We can play at different tables, or we can play at the same table. When playing at the same table, we secretly tell another person what our play will be. That way no imitation occurs. We can play one day, or several days in a row.

My roulette strategy requires keeping track of the roulette spins, by recording them in a notebook. Are you also using a notebook? There can be another challenge: See who will figure out first the “other” gambling system. Of course, we sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to our “contest”. I don't take it as something resembling hostility any bit. I will do it mostly for the sake of science.

While at casinos, we can also try our hands at blackjack. I might even be able to learn baccarat by that time. I know I can apply a blackjack-like strategy at baccarat. I know the probabilities very well, plus the very important degrees of certainty for Banker and Player.

What would be a meaningful measure of success? Winning a few gambling sessions in a row. We can establish the session to be 100 or 200 roulette spins. There is a method called the incomplete induction or something like that. If an event is validated m times, and validated m+r times, then it means it will be validated for any n times.

I hope you'll take on the casino gambling challenge. I wonder if you could contact the same New York Times editors again. Let them know about this casino gambling challenge. At least, you could offer us a way to contact them.

It sounds very exciting to me, Chip. I want to do it for the sake of Reason.

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

Real Chip criminal, Powerplay roulette, baccarat, casino gambling systems.

Set the record straight on Chip, his real name, criminal behavior, Powerplay roulette, baccarat - June 2004.

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Chip wrote on Power play roulette, baccarat, casino gambling strategy.

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Roulette, blackjack systems were challenged of testing in casino.

Follow Up:

The PowerPlay roulette strategy is very expensive and non-mathematical gambling system.


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