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A Gambler Exposed Wizard of Odds Incompetence, Ignorance in Casino Gambling Matters

Gambler exposed wizard of odds incompetence in casino gambling matters.

Posted by Bob on July 23, 2000.

In Reply to: Wizard of Odds Had High Praise for Ion Saliu's Gambling Theory posted by Ion Saliu on July 22, 2000.

If any of you guys would like some charts showing my recent plays of probably one of the most powerful gambling systems out there for winning at roulette, let me know. You need a good email set up or they will fill it pretty quickly!

Going back to the 'casino gambling fight' if you could win 50 units every visit to the casino playing flat bets, and then increase your play as your bank rises then surely this would be a major threat to the casinos.

Going further back to the Wizard of Odds, below is a recent mailing I had with him:

'Wizard of Odds'
"I didn't know they adjusted the frets but the casinos in general like to always be using new equipment and checking everything to make sure they are playing a fair casino game. In other words it is just a precaution against their roulette wheels become so worn they become biased."
"What! You were not aware that the frets were adjusted???
Well, you fall into the 99.9% of others who don't quite know exactly what is going on, so really you should not come to concrete conclusions.

You mentioned BIAS.
So maybe that is where maths probabilities will then change, and maybe certain gambling systems will then come into operation.

For example, if a roulette number is going to appear once in 37 spins and maybe not for 250 spins, with this change because of the natural bias in up to 30% of the roulette wheels, then maybe certain numbers will appear once in 30 spins and maybe not drift for more than 150 spins.

Adjusting the frets does not prevent wear, it merely switches the bias to other numbers.
The casino here has 20 roulette wheels in play, many more as spares.
They adjust 8 of these wheels every 2 weeks.

When they adjust the frets they will adjust each roulette wheel the exact number of pockets.
EG, If roulette table one is adjusted 7 pockets all the rest will be adjusted 7 pockets.
Over a 12 month period when this was monitored none of the frets were ever moved back to a previous position.

As for the change in ball size or substance this can move any form of bias slightly due to the amount of deadness in the type of roulette ball used.

Best Wishes - Bob

Gamblers exposed wizard of odds ignorance, lack of correct mathematics in casino gambling matters.

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    Expensive roulette gambling systems were challenged in testing against free roulette strategy.

    Follow Up:

    Wizard of Odds refuses to test his touted gambling systems because they are phony.


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    Wizard of Odds didn't know why the frets to roulette wheels influence roulette table results.