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Who Can Take It? Ed Thorp Never Accepted Casino Challenges…

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Blackjack Gambling Mathematics

Card counting and blackjack basic strategy by Thorp were challenged in casino.

Posted on July 23, 2000.

In Reply to: Wizard of Odds: Gambling Challenge in Casinos, Expensive Testing posted by Chip on July 23, 2000.


It was a mistake on my part. I should have done some research on you, before inviting you to post here. You are one of the most notorious scammers in newsgroups. In my opinion, you are delusional. You fabricate things, like your story with a roulette system and New York Times. Here are two passages from your posts that back my opinion on you.

“I have no idea of anyone's name from the Times as it was quite long ago. When the ad was being deliberated, they sent representatives on 2 separate trips we made to Atlantic City. I can only tell you that they were satisfied and accepted the ad…”

What a fabrication! The prestigious New York Times sending representatives to Atlantic City! If they have doubts with an ad, the advertiser will come to NYT with proofs, not the other way around.

"... Dr. Edward Thorp... unquestionably the greatest mind ever to turn his attention to gambling, has made small fortunes at blackjack, roulette, and sports betting;... Over $65 billion have passed through his hands over the last few decades…”

Can a sane person believe that “over $65 billion have passed through” a person's hands? Besides, Thorp has refused to this day to accept another $100,000 challenge from the late Scarne. Thorp was as afraid to test his system at the casino table, as you are, Chip, regarding your phantom system.

You simply got mad after I invited you to put your roulette system to a test vis-à-vis mine. Why did that turn your rage on? Fear that I unmasked you, at the same time when I unmasked other notorious scammers and moles: Steve Player (lottery), The Wizard of Odds, John Patrick, John Schroder ... and many more.

Now, this is the end of it. You can go back to newsgroups and let others turn you into a punching bag. You are not allowed to post here anymore. If you disregard this notice, you'll be dealt with as spammer and scammer. I would be forced to inform AOL on your abusing email policies.


Ion Saliu

: But here comes the real set up my putty in my hands friend. Powerplay, as well as my baccarat approach are not gambling systems. They are bias recognition strategies. That is what was sold on a very limited basis. It takes time and patience and passing by many a table to find the qualifications for the bias, but they exist. You just have to know the whole process. And when you play, it is very rare to be at a table for more than 10 spins and not unusual to be there for only 2. So, no, I'm not there to gamble. I am there to win money, plain and simple. If I have to bide my time until I see what I want, that's fine with me. And maybe, just maybe, you can get a little more insight as to how playing head to head has no possible worth whatever. It still wouldn't if I had a way to play all the spins you did too. It's a math guy. You need tens of millions of spins or you don't prove squat!

I also have a profession for the record. I am done with you amateur. Anyone out there that wants to buy into you, well that is where I would place the Gambler's Fallacy as far as this board is concerned.

Adios. Chip

Even notorious gambling authors such as Edward Thorp were afraid to test their gambling systems.

Chip's real profession at the time of this writing: Home tutor, employed by the New York Board of Education. Chip's real name: Frank Accardi, accused of grand larceny in New York. He "committed" baccarat gambling with money stolen from the children he was supposed to tutor at home! He lost the money in the casinos, then he went back to the parents and asked for more money – under threat! Misusing his Italian-American name as Mafia connotation!

He was prosecuted and thrown in the dungeons — he went silent for long years!

Set the record straight on Chip, his real name, criminal behavior, Powerplay roulette, baccarat - June 2004.

They knew their gambling systems were based on flawed theories.

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Expensive roulette gambling systems were challenged in testing against free roulette strategy.

Follow Up:

Chip refuses to test expensive Powerplay roulette strategy because it is phony.


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Notorious gambling authors like Edward Thorp were afraid to test their blackjack gambling systems.