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Posted by Karl M on July 30, 2000.

• I have received two very interesting and worthwhile messages from Karl M. No, he’s not Karl Marx; he is his own man. We don't see one another over the Internet. The cyber space is like a book to me. We all are characters in a huge book. I take the liberty and name people as if they represented characters in my book. Thus, Karl became Klitser in my book!

Klitser gave me permission to post his epistles on my message board.

“ My compliments on your intriguing lottery software and methodology. Although I had taken statistics in college and am familiar with stat. analysis software, I must admit that I was completely ignorant of this type of lottery analysis until just recently. All my professors said that lottery was impossible to analyze since they believe it is totally random. I am still a bit confused on how to input the filters for the optimized number subroutines. Even so, I was able to utilize your gambling formula at least superficially enough to get 3 out of 6 lotto numbers in our local Powerball lottery. Needless to say I am a convert. I have since taken the Mdieditor & Lotto data results and pasted it into my stat. analysis software with some intriguing results--particularly in regression and correlation.

I am interested to know when your Windows version of your most advanced lottery software will be available and how much the cost will be--no doubt a most common question for you. I did download your superpower96; however, my DOS is rusty to say the least, and I will have to brush up a bit or just wait for the windows version. Thanks for your most fascinating information and freeware.

Regardless of whether one is a spiritual (particular religion is irrelevant) person or purely a materialistic scientist, both systems have one thing in common: They both are incompatible with the concept of luck. The aforementioned both suggest a universe with an underlying order. (See "," for an excellent primer on Eastern/Western philosophy on this and much more.) Thus luck would have to be something that would exist outside of the universe. That is a logical impossibility.
The question then is as follows: Can we, with mere three-dimensional perception and devices, create/learn a methodology whereby we can predict—although not necessarily understand--so-called random events. Perhaps. Consider this: We use countless devices effectively--every day, yet most understand
them in only the most superficial of ways. Therefore one would hope that although we will probably never completely understand the whole picture,
we can at least have a good enough working knowledge to profit on increasingly frequent occasions. One final note: I like your windows version of Mdieditor, but I hope your superpower95 will be in that format soon.


Karl Malmberg

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