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Posted by Ion Saliu on August 06, 2000.

• I uploaded lotto-7 software to “FTP Downloads”. Of course, it is available as a free download to you. I tried to make it easier to use LotWon lotto software. I created a menu similar to the one in LotWon3 lottery software. I added also a primer (not tutorial!) on the basic steps of LotWon. I added also some .BAT files that you can copy to your lotto-5 and lotto-6 packages. As soon as you download LOTWON7 (a self-extracting file), please read README.TXT and PICK7.TUT. It can surely help everybody work easier with LotWon. If you follow the LOTWON7 model, you will also work easier with the lotto-5 and lotto-6 software packages. Take a look at the new startup batch files (5.BAT, 6.BAT, 7.BAT) and see what programs they work with.

I uploaded also an improved SORTING lottery software. It can format now the pick-3&4 data files. It also creates backups of the real drawings files. You should replace the old version in your lotto-6 or lotto-5 packages with the new SORTING. Download also WINNERS - check for winners in just about any lotto or lottery game, from pick-3 to Powerball, to horse racing.

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Easy to use lotto 7 software package.

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Ion Saliu: Software, Programs, Apps, Systems, Strategies.