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Lottery Software for Macintosh Apple Computer Users

Macintosh, Mac Apple computers can run here the best online lottery number generators, calculators.

Posted by Ion Saliu on September 04, 2000.

In Reply to: Lotto, Lottery, Gambling Software for Macintosh, Mac computers posted by Gordon Tyler on September 03, 2000.

: YOUR systems and lotto software programs sound interesting, but DOS (command prompt) doesn't work on the Macintosh systems. Is there any chance the lottery systems and programs might be or become accessible on Mac?
: gordon tyler.

• I would love to have Macintosh versions of LotWon. I know how much Macintosh (and Amiga) users love their machines. They worship their devices! Unfortunately, I have been unable to fulfill such a dream (no compilers to match my programming style). I don't even dare to suggest you buy a PC as a “secondary” device…

How about the best and most powerful online random lottery combination, number generator? It works on Macintosh computers running Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or better. There is a link in the footer of every Web page on my site…

Ion Saliu

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Lottery, Lotto, Loto Software For Macintosh Apple computer users.

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The best lottery software, lotto software does not run on Mac or Macintosh computers from Apple.