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Posted by Ion Saliu on September 30, 2000.

In Reply to: Modify Super Power for lotto 5 posted by P. Jackson on September 29, 2000.

: How does one modify Super power to analyze and generate
: combinations for the Texas Millions lottery (4/99) as well as for Cash Five(5/39 lotto).
: I know about the other programs for 5/39 but, I want to use Super Power because of the additional filters it has.
: Thank You.

My download site has also free lotto-5 programs. They work the same way as SuperPower$ lotto-6. You need to do some manual work, however. Download first LOTWON7. It has important info on how to set-up lotto-5 and lotto-6. Download then all the programs with “5” in their filenames (such as POWER-5, SUPER-5, etc.). You’ll end up with a C:\LOTWON5 directory. It’s important that you read everything at this big website, especially other messages on this BBS, “FTP Downloads”, “Help”, “What’s New”...

There is no software for a lotto-4 game like the one you refer to. I will not offer free software any more. Nor will I offer free advice any longer. I crossed the line where my interests are hurt. If I’ll offer lottery software in the future, it will definitely be for a fee that makes sense. I also consider seriously patenting my software and gambling know-how. I know that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will not approve similar patents before checking applications against my software. But I still must hold patent rights myself.

There is no doubt I offered a whole lot of free lottery software and know-how. Even my toughest critics cannot deny that. When they come hard on me, they actually want to make me put a stop to my giveaways. I put a stop to my free offerings only because I want to protect my interests and because I no longer have enough time to care about such activities. I used to spend unnecessary time just to delete the emails asking for more freebies or info. Now the software filters out such messages.

Still, visitors to this site are free to offer their own advice, or tips, or findings. Problem is, most people keep their best advice to themselves. I did an experiment when I offered the source code of one of my lottery programs. I had asked for somebody to write similar programs and offer them for free. I can bet a million dollars (if I had it!) that several programmers wrote several programs based on the free source code. Yet, nobody has offered anything…

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

Lotto 5, loto, 5 6, lotto-5, lottery, loterie, loteria software.

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