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Epocal Storm Roulette Gambling System — Huge Scam, Fraud

"Every minute, a sucker is born!"

Fraud & Roulette gambling systems, cheating?

Posted By Ion Saliu on November 12, 2000; later updates.

In Reply to: Does anyone know the Epocal Storm roulette/gambling system? Why it costs $40,000!!! posted by testman on November 12, 2000.

: Does anyone know the Epocal Storm roulette system? Why it costs $40,000!!!

• If Epocal Storm Roulette System costs $40,000, then my Super Roulette Strategy must be worth one million dollars (US$1, 000,000)!

• There is a small number of persons who take advantage of a larger number of people. It is a natural law, not just social misconduct. All humans want a gain with the least effort. But some – referred to in the title as “suckers” – revere “the least effort” with maximum credulity. I have been offering free lottery software and systems for some time. There is a sizable number of persons who have shown negative emotions towards my free gambling systems and very positive feelings towards paid-for systems or services. Let alone my gambling systems being founded on science and leading to something positive. Let alone the other gambling systems not having any basis and costing dearly sometimes.

The only criterion has been “the least effort”. Neither the foundation, nor the results matters in many people's minds. One “user” of my lottery software advised me, in an angry manner, that I should only be concerned with pretty graphs and buttons in my lotto and lottery software. “That's what people want. They like pretty illusions more than real results, if the results require effort.”

There was a debate when Windows, the operating system started to take over the computing world. Why did it beat a far better system such as Unix? Even DOS was better (more stable and much faster). Humans tend sometimes to side with appearance over performance. Some men definitely choose a pretty woman regardless of brains. Some women definitely choose a handsome man regardless of brains.

No doubt about it. My gambling and lotto software will be used less than lottery programs or gambling software with lots of colorful graphs and buttons. My gambling systems will be overwhelmingly outsold by systems that promise "no tracking, no thinking, just betting and winning".

There is also, on a smaller scale, the resentment factor. Some think they are very intelligent persons. When they come across my ideas, resentment flourishes. I have seen quite intelligent persons siding with the craziest gambling systems when compared to my ideas. They would go as far as denying undeniable mathematics. They would deny that 1/2 to the power of 3 is 1/8, even if the formula is not my discovery. They just love to hate me -- and they feel oh soooooo good about it!

C'est la vie!

I put together all my roulette software, systems and strategies in a comprehensive package named BrightR. The winning roulette systems, strategies and software are free at this website with a (nominal) paid membership fee to download.

The Epocal Storm roulette system is a very expensive scam, cheat, fraud. Bet(ter) get roulette software, systems and strategies known as Bright Roulette.

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Cheating & Roulette gambling systems, fraud, scams??


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