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Roulette Mathematics, Gambling Systems, Casino Dealers Cheating?!

By Ion Saliu, Roulette Mathematician

Roulette mathematics: Can casino dealers cheat?

Posted on November 14, 2000; later updates.

• I received the following message. I think it is worth posting it here because it leads to various interpretations. I only made minor changes, mostly cosmetic. I also made sure the author's anonymity was assured.

• A little more analysis on my Free roulette system #1. The probability to hit in the very first try is (38-4)/38 = 34/38 = 0.8947, approximately 90%. The probability to win 2 times in a row, at any given moment is 0.8947 to the power of 2 = 80%. The free system says to wait for 2 losses in a row. That is, the last 4 roulette numbers hit twice in a row. The probability to happen is 4/38 to the power of 2 = 1%. The probability to happen 3 roulette spins in a row is 1 in 1000 (I approximate it to one week). The losing probability is even lower for not playing for longer periods at the same roulette table. Imagine this: you play the pick-3 lottery selectively (with breaks in the action). The winning chance is slimmer . . .
I wonder why many people believe mathematics has no role in gambling!? Gambling is founded on mathematics, as a matter of fact.

Truth is, I have released many roulette and gambling systems since those beginnings (2000). I have also written and released really powerful software for roulette, and casino gambling in general.

The roulette software and systems created by Ion Saliu are solidly founded on gambling mathematics.

Casino executives give the impression that roulette dealers can cheat!

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Roulette mathematics; casino dealers cheating, cheat? No way!

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Roulette mathematics and casino dealers cheating are opposites.

Do casino roulette dealers cheat, really?

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