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Roulette Mathematics: Casino Dealers Cheating 2

Roulette mathematics: Can the dealers cheat?

Posted by x-man on November 15, 2000.

In Reply to: Roulette: No math? Dealers can cheat? posted by Ion Saliu on November 14, 2000.

:: • I received the following message. I think it is worth posting it here because it leads to various interpretations. I only made minor changes, mostly cosmetic. I also made sure the author's anonymity was assured.

: --------------------------
: “Can humans predict the outcome of random events: No way
: When gambling: I use my own system (non-computer)
: What is the best feature in a lottery program?: The scientific basis

: Comments: I read your theory of math in roulette. As you said there is
: no bias in a wheel. The dealers that have been spinning the ball for
: years can control the ball almost perfect! They can spin it a few times
: and get their bearings and then it's bye, bye system! I played a roulette system
: that won me $4000 per visit and beat them all until they found out how
: I was playing and they, and when I say they, I mean all the Casinos in
: the same (. . .) at the same time! They e-mail each other with photos
: and info. I makeup new systems as a hobby. I study Roulette everyday.
: If your system only makes $400 after all day that is not worth the trouble.
: I too agree the wheel can be beaten. I have done it! I just don't believe it is predictable. No one can tell what's next. There is no mathematical chain of events in single numbers. Sure you can figure you will hit a big dozen after so many roulette spins. You can even go broke doing that. If I can get an honest dealer and put a chip on a split for him or her I can guarantee you a fortune. As soon as the pit boss says "don't hit" it's over. I just came up with a new system that plays the whole board. It does not and cannot win every time; you must increase your bet and over a short time give you a large considerable amount of profit.

: You say you need $5000 to play your roulette gambling system but say no system is good without an increase. You must be losing a lot or doubling one. The casino table limits will catch you too if you don't watch it. My new system does not reach anywhere close to the limits. There's a simple flaw in the numbers that makes the profit and knowing where to place the bets wins the cash. I could never say math or any prediction would win. It has to hit somewhere so cover it all.

: • A little more math on my free roulette system. The probability to hit in the very first try is (38-4)/38 = 34/38 = 0.8947, approximately 90%. The probability to win 2 times in a row, at any given moment is 0.8947 to the power of 2 = 80%. The free system says to wait for 2 losses in a row. That is, the last 4 numbers hit twice in a row. The probability to happen is 4/38 to the power of 2 = 1%. The probability to happen 3 times in a row is 1 in 1000 (I approximate it to one week). The losing probability is even lower for not playing for longer periods at the same table. Imagine this: you play the pick-3 lottery selectively (with breaks in the action). The winning chance is slimmer . . .

: I wonder why many people believe mathematics has no role in gambling!? Gambling is founded on mathematics, as a matter of fact.

Roulette, casino dealers cheat? Huh?

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Roulette mathematics; casino dealers cheating, cheat? No way!


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Do casino roulette dealers cheat at the table?

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