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Posted by Ion Saliu on December 07, 2000.

In Reply to: What is the name of Ion's Keno software program? posted by Jasmin on December 07, 2000.

: Hi Ion,

: I know you said to read through 'help' and 'what's new' before asking basic questions but I am still somewhat confused. I like to play keno and I would like to download software but I am not sure which one off the download page. Can you give me the exact name of the file please?
: Also, I don't care about great winnings but would not mind some spending cash. Any tips on which lotto game would be best? Thanx a million (maybe)!
: Jasmin

There is a comprehensive lottery software package that also tackles Keno games. The file on the "FTP Downloads" page: "MDIEditor and Lotto" version 4_WE.

Keno is under the "Lotto" menu and "Stats" menu. There is no other lottery software package that handles Keno nearly as effectively as MDIEditor And Lotto WE.

Good luck!

Ion Saliu

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