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Probability of Winning 6 Tattslotto Numbers from 45 When 20 Numbers Selected

Applying probability theory to calculate the odds of winning at Australian Tattslotto when playing a 20-number system (6 lotto numbers per combination).

Posted by Sam Ragusa on December 07, 2000.

Hi Ion

Here in Australia we have a lottery called Tattslotto which uses a fairly conventional system of 6 lotto balls being drawn from 45. There are also 2 supplementary numbers drawn. We have the usual multiple picks of 6 lotto numbers and there's also system entries, ranging from system 7 to sytem 20. With system 20 for example, you can pick 20 numbers and it covers 38,760 combinations. The minimum combination for winning a lottery prize is 3 numbers plus one supplemntary number which would amount to twice as much winnings as what it cost to play. My question is this.....what is the statistical probability of winning using this lotto system over a period of time, say 4 weeks. Hope you can help.



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How to calculate the odds for Tattslotto lottery for 20 numbers.

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Combinations of 20 lotto numbers taken 6 at a time as a lottery system for Australia lottery.


Tattslotto lotto numbers, combinations, calculate lottery odds.

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