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MDIEditor can (roulette) spin and (coin) toss, too

Roulette software: MDIEditor generates random roulette numbers.

Posted by Ion Saliu on December 14, 2000.

In Reply to: Software as roulette spin generator posted by rené on December 14, 2000.

: Is it the same if I use your Spins generator for French roulette with single 0.

SPINS tries to accommodate both roulette formats in one package. The program generates roulette numbers from 0 to 37. 37 represents "00". I receive the kind of questions pointing to an upgrade to the freeware SPINS. I do not intend to offer any free software, now or in the future. I believe I already offered a truckload of freeware.

I do have two roulette programs that work as presented in the free roulette system: NOSPIN0 and NOSPIN00. The free system presents the method of playing all the numbers but the last unique four. The two programs expand the method: play all the numbers but the last 'from 3 to 15 spins' (the maximum displayed on the marquee). They also do the reporting as in SPINS. The two roulette software programs are not free. I will charge a fee, if I want to distribute them. It's only the roulette software, NO betting systems will accompany them. That's the only upgraded roulette software that you can get your hands on. Obviously, it is meant to be used by serious roulette players. And I mean used, not talked. Talk is too cheap...

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But "MDIEditor and Lotto" is still free and it can generate roulette spins as well. For a "single zero" roulette wheel, select "Lotto", "Odds+Random". Type 37 for "The biggest number in the game"; type 1 for "Numbers per line". 0 is represented by 37. For "00" games: type 38 instead of 37. 0 is represented by 37, "00" is represented by 38. The program will generate one long column of numbers.

Speaking of integrity in online gambling. The email I received asked if I had a program to generate coin tosses. "MDIEditor and Lotto" can do that, too. Select "Lotto", "Odds+Random". Type 2 for "The biggest number in the game"; type 1 for "Numbers per line". The program will generate a huge column consisting of 1 and 2. There will be some longer streaks of both 1 or 2. You'll find something like 7 1's in a row and also 7 consecutive 2's. By contrast, as reported in my post, there are only long streaks that always favor the casino. The player is never favored when the bet is higher. Fair randomness never favors one side only. Either side appears according to its individual probability. You can use "MDIEditor and Lotto" thousands of times and you'll never find a situation when only one side is favored. Randomness means fairness.

By the way, there is no argument against my strong statements against the online casinos. I know some Internet casinos visit my website. They also send me all kinds of offers from time to time. But never do they say an official word on my negative statements. Only sometimes I receive angry messages from fake online players. The message goes something like this: "Leave the online casinos alone. We love to gamble online!" How can I stop players I don't even see?!

Best of luck! (May not come true online any time soon!)

Ion Saliu

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