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Frequency of lotto lottery software winning reporting

The efficient way to do the lotto software, lottery software winning reporting.

Posted by Ion Saliu on December 26, 2000.

In Reply to: Ion: Lotto Question posted by Lance on December 22, 2000.

: When using software to choose numbers in a
: 6/49 or 6/54 lotto is it best to let the
: software pick a set of numbers from past
: drawings and play that set for a while and hope
: to win or update the drawings each day, since it
: is a daily lottery, and pick a new set of numbers
: each day and play the new sets each day?


The lottery parameters are variable. They change from one drawing to the next. The conclusion: The player should do the WS reporting for every drawing. Your post, however, deserves more discussion.

Let’s go from "zero filters". The ActiveX control on this message board uses no filters, except for the built-in eliminating conditions (described on the "Winning Lottery Strategy" page). You can generate several hundred sets of lotto-6 combinations. Then you decide on the last 5 combinations. You decide to play them the same way you would play “quick picks” generated by the computers of the state lottery commissions. You can play the set for several drawings, without changing them. My ActiveX control generates optimizedlotto combinations. If that number generator was used by an equal number of players, it would record many, many more jackpot winners.

A player can use also MDIEditor and Lotto WE and SuperPower for the same task.

All my lottery software uses a common set of built-in filters. But the two software packages can put to work many more filters. If you use just of a few of the external filters, and do not set them too tight, you can play the same set for several drawings in a row, without change.
If you set several filters to increasingly tight levels, you should not play the resulting combinations for more than one drawing. You only play the set for the drawing you did the WS reporting. I noticed it myself. I saved some old sets of combinations. I checked them after awhile. They had winners sometimes! It is just random, however.

Ion Saliu

Frequency of lotto, lottery software winning report.

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Lotto lottery software winning reports.

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