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Run BELLOTTO Gauss bell (curve) software in conjunction with LotWon lottery software

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Posted by gfunk on February 19, 2001.

I have been testing bellbet and the first 4 days of running 4 sets of ten lottery numbers have had 3 set of BOXED pick-3 lottery wins and nothing in the pick 4 with same 4 sets of lotto numbers. It iwas Illinois lottery.

My suggestion is a utility to check LotWon numbers generated with filters set to low numbers to get more lottery numbers rather than less so that if the bellbet has the same results over time you could get straight hits from lotwon3 that are found in the bellbet lotto numbers. In other words, a lottery utiltiy that would find matches from the lotwon and the bellbet lotto numbers outputed to another file so the lotwon numbers are matched with boxed numbers from bellbet and written to third file so that you could play fewer lotto numbers and have straight wins.


Boy, oh, boy! How foggy clear! That's what lottery is all about! Besides, it is very hard to delete old files because they are intertwined and search-engine-indexed! Story of my Internet life!

Gauss bell lottery software reduces the number of lottery combinations to play and pay.

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