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BetUS, American Sports Betting Software Program, Football Teams

By Ion Saliu, Programmer of Sports Betting Software

BETUS is for betting on American sports when favorite is to win by more than the point spread.

Written on February 24, 2001; revised September 2001.

• He must be a big time sports bettor. The same guy who asked for a sport betting program like Teams sent me another request; or suggestion, as he put it.

Generate combinations of sports teams, games for American professional football betting.

Since it is a useful suggestion, useful for myself too, I wrote the program BetUS (32-bit software, running at the Command Prompt under 32-bit and 64-bit Windows). I enhanced the sports betting software greatly and renamed the program AmBet. It is a component of the integrated sport bet application named BrightS.

AmBet (formerly known as BetUS) is suitable for betting on American sports. There are two choices only: bet on the favorite to win by more than the point spread; or- bet on the underdog to lose by less than the point spread. This program is an enhancement of Teams. The combinations display team names, instead of numbers.

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There two options available: generate open-ended combinations, like in Teams, until the user presses F10; or- generate 10 combinations around the median, like BELLBET. The user has also two input choices: typing the sport team names at the prompt; or- creating first text files, with the two teams of each game on the same line.

The file input makes it much easier to run the program repeatedly. It is also advised to write the name of the favorite in upper cases, and the name of the underdog in lower cases. Here is a file I created for 8 teams, both U.S. professional and college football. The file GAMES.8 represents games from the ending period (playoffs) of last season.

GIANTS, Eagles
RAIDERS, Dolphins
Ravens, TITANS
Oklahoma, FLASTATE
MIAMI, Florida

Since the games were real and I know their results, I was able to notice the advantage of generating 10 combinations around the median. There are 256 possibilities for 8 games with 2 outcomes. I get consistently more winning situations with 10 around the median than running the program until pressing F10. Actually, the ratio is substantially better in the 10 around the median case.

 GIANTS *  VIKINGS *  RAIDERS *  Ravens *  Oklahoma *  ORSTATE *  WASTATE *  MIAMI * 
 Eagles *  Saints *  Dolphins *  TITANS *  FLASTATE *  ORSTATE *  Purdue *  Florida * 
 GIANTS *  Saints *  RAIDERS *  Ravens *  FLASTATE *  ORSTATE *  Purdue *  MIAMI * 
 Eagles *  Saints *  Dolphins *  TITANS *  FLASTATE *  NotreD *  WASTATE *  MIAMI * 
 GIANTS *  VIKINGS *  Dolphins *  TITANS *  Oklahoma *  NotreD *  WASTATE *  Florida * 
 GIANTS *  Saints *  RAIDERS *  Ravens *  Oklahoma *  NotreD *  WASTATE *  MIAMI * 

The first combination shows the actual results.

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Ion Saliu developed the first mathematical systems and software for sports bet in football.


American sports betting software applied to professional football, basketball.

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