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BELLOTTO – Generate lotto and Powerball combinations inside the bell (Gauss) curve, around the median

Generate lotto, loto, PowerBall, ThunderBall, numbers inside the bell (Gauss) curve, around the FFG median.

Posted by Ion Saliu on February 25, 2001.

• As I keep saying, the median plays an important role in random events. You also know that the winning chance is lower in the first trials. Let's say I generate a random lotto-6 combination. I don't have a high expectation I'll get the winning combination in my first trial. I never expect to get a winning combination in the first try. The chance increases with the number of combinations generated UP TO a limit. That limit is the MEDIAN, as calculated by FFG. After the median, the chance decreases at the same pace it increased. A few users of my lottery software experienced what I just presented. Said Don in his post “Can anyone point me to more details on the filters?”: "it DID PICK THE WINNER, but it was near the middle of the run of about 9,000 numbers!"

BELLOTTO generates 20 combinations in the median zone. It handles: lotto5, lotto6, lotto7, Powerball 6 (5+1), and PowerBall 7 (6+1). The program treats the combinations as wheels, from 'minus 2' to 'full wheels'. For example, in the lotto-6 game, a 'minus 2' wheel is also known as a '4 out of 6' lotto system. A 'full wheel' can be also named a '6 out of 6' system (no actual wheeling performed).
Here is a fragment of a PowerBall-6 output file:

5 24 33 43 2 12
6 15 29 40 14 16
7 23 29 40 23 26
8 28 36 49 6 10
9 20 21 25 4 5

Again, I don't advocate here getting drunk with illusions. The expectation is higher that the winning combinations will fall within the 20 around the median. That is, compared to randomly generating combinations AND randomly selecting from a run. Without a doubt, the chance is better. I make another comparison: It's like playing millions of drawings for free. Still, you should run the same option (such as '5 out of 6, lotto-6') several times before selecting your combinations.

The program is so much faster than any other combination generator. It is the result of generating combinations in memory only. Printing the combinations even to screen slows down the execution. Keep in mind, however, that some lotto games deal with an “astronomical” number of combinations. The PowerBall 6 game consists of some 80 million possibilities. It takes around 60 minutes to reach the median zone. If you don't have a fast computer, or if you are impatient, avoid the full wheeling options.

Finally -- nothing can beat filtering...

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