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Understanding meaning of filters and layers in lottery software: Not necessary

Meaning Of Filters, Layers In Lottery Software Not Necessary.

Posted by Ion Saliu on March 07, 2001.

In Reply to: Meaning of filters and layers in lottery software posted by Cristi Curelaru on March 07, 2001.


I have received many, many questions on the meaning of the filters in my lottery software. They only have a meaning to me, and no meaning to others. Actually, I tried to make the filters as meaningless as possible to others. You get it, I need to keep some things as secret as possible. Some even go one unacceptable step further. They ask me to post the complete source code of my software! Do I look that crazy? Donít I give away tons of lottery software? But I do that because I am anti-crazy, as a matter of fact. (I make a bunch of suckers mad, however, because I give away real good lottery software and lotto systemsÖ)

The good news now. The meaning of the filters is not needed for a normal user to make sense of my software. You, the user, that is, need look at the filters as series of numbers. You can also apply the fundamental formula of gambling, since each filter has a median. The median plays a very important role in my software.

(In Romaneste: Nu este absolut nici o nevoie sa intelegi semnificatia filtrelor in SuperPower$ sau MDIEditor. Considera coloanele din WS files drept serii de numere.)

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

: If you can help me understand, please do:
: - what means the titles of the columns in winning reports (UPS, etc) ?;
: - what are the meaning of layers in the reports and strategy?

It is not necessary for users to understand the meaning of filters and layers in lottery software.

The ION filters in MDIEditor and Lotto, as well as some filters in LotWon DOS lottery software represent complex mathematics. Their understanding is difficult. They are better understood if the source code is revealed and the user is a lottery software programmer as well. The main point of requesting to know how every filter is constructed: Lottery developers want to incorporate similar features in their software. Nice thieves! Regular (normal!) users of LotWon and MDIEditor do NOT need to know how the filters are built. Do NOT ask about such features again! It's none of your business!

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Each filter has a median that plays a very important role in lottery software.

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