Basic strategy in blackjack: View and print the table, chart on how to hit or stand.

Blackjack Basic Strategy for Hit (Draw), or Stand: Color-coded Chart, Table

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Blackjack Mathematics

Blackjack basic strategy: Hit, or draw (or stand) are the most common situations in casino black jack.

Hit / draw / stand play in blackjack basic strategy -- study and print this handy chart.

Learn the best strategy to hit or stand at the blackjack table. Avoid that nasty bust, while being aggressive against the dealer!

You look first at your first two cards. If the cards are not pairs OR do not sum up to a count of 9, 10, or 11, then you move on to the hit or stand situations. These are the frequent blackjack situations. The color of action is red it makes it very intuitive to learn the rules of casino blackjack. If the color of the cell is red, you hit. For example, your first two cards total 12. The blackjack dealer's up card (face card) is 7 (or higher). Signal hit (or draw) immediately to the dealer (by scratching the table). If the dealer's face card were 6 or under, but not 2 or 3, you do NOT hit, but stand (stay). The color of the respective cell is grayed out (signifying no action). One important thing to be mindful of: The casino gets the house edge at blackjack by virtue of simultaneous busts. The Player busts firsts and therefore pays immediately. If the Dealer would bust during the same round of cards, the Player does not get his/her money back (although it was a push!)

The chart is a graphic (hit-stand.gif). You can right-click on it and select to print it always in color!

Tips on basic blackjack strategy for hit (draw) or stand at the casino blackjack table.

Always stand on 17 or greater.
Always split A+A and 8+8.
Never split 10+10 and 5+5 (unless you seeing Ion Saliu playing that way).

Basic Strategy: Blackjack Hit, Draw, Stand Strategy Table, Charts.

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    Blackjack Basic Strategy: Hit, Draw, Stand, Stay.

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    Study this intuitive color-coded chart, table to best learn blackjack basic strategy for hit (draw) or stand. These represent the most common situations for the blackjack player in the casino.