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Written by Ion Saliu on September 3, 2002.

Lotto, lottery and gambling are very complex phenomena ruled by theory of probability. This web site offers plenty of information on theory of probability, theory of games, gambling mathematics. Nothing comes even close to this website. Mathematics of lotto, lottery and gambling is extensively analyzed here. The cornerstone is the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). It is a mathematical fact that every lotto number has a repeat cycle based on FFG. In 54.3% of the wins, an individual lotto number repeats after 6 draws.

Discovering a strategy is one thing, a very important step. Implementing a strategy or system is best done by specialized software. All the strategies presented at this web site are mirrored by specific lotto, lottery and gambling software. A large chunk of my lotto, lottery and gambling software is offered as freeware. Freeware means FREE, not crippled shareware! The list of my lotto, power ball, keno, pick-3, pick-4, digit lottery, and gambling software is so long, that I can't afford to put it on this startup page. Check the FTP download site for all that's available for free. For the most part, the program names indicate the type of the game tackled.

MDI EDITOR AND LOTTO 01_WE: the king of lotto, lottery, and gambling software; it handles just about any game: pick-3, pick-4, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, PowerBall (both 5+1 power ball and 6+1 power ball), horseracing (both trifecta and superfecta), keno; the 'great application' does thorough statistical analyses, then it generates optimized combinations based on user's strategies;
LOTWON3 - the software handles the pick-3 lottery game;
LOTWONH - the software handles the horse racing; generate pick-3 type of trifectas (the top 3 finishers in a race);
LOTWON5 - the software handles the lotto-5 game;
LOTWON7 - the software handles the lotto-7 game;
(There are many programs with '6' in their names; they work with lotto-6 games.)
LOTWON99 is a large collection of software for the pick-3 lottery, pick-4 lottery, and lotto-6 programs;
SuperPower$ (or SuperPower95) is a large collection of pick-3, pick-4 and lotto-6 programs;
SPINS is roulette software; generate and analyze random spins, or analyze real casino spins;
FORMULA is gambling software at its best; calculate the Fundamental Formula of Gambling, degree of certainty, standard deviation, binomial distribution probability; superseded by the 32-bit SuperFormula;
ODDSCALC calculates the odds of lotto, powerball and keno games; for example a lotto 6/49 game, the probability of getting exactly: '0 of 6' '1 of 6' to '6 of 6' winners;
ODDS calculates the odds of lotto, powerball and keno games based on hypergeometric distribution probability; for example a lotto 6/49 game, the probability of getting exactly: '4 of 6' winners in a group of 10 picks;
IonSaliuGen: the best and most comprehensive online number and combination generator; the VB ActiveX control is hosted by several pages of this website.

Most titles above were superseded by much better software for lottery, lotto, horse racing, gambling, Powerball, Keno, Pick 3 4, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

MDIEditor Lotto is a very intelligent piece of lottery, gambling, probability software; pay to download, free to run forever.

Excellent Lottery Software: winning lotto, powerball, keno, pick-3, pick-4, digit, Mega Millions.

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Excellence in Lottery Software: winning lotto, powerball, keno, pick-3, pick-4, digit, Megamillions.


Software for lottery, lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions.

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