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Lotto 5 software and strategy file for 5-number lotto games

Lotto 5 software strategy file in 5-number lotto games.

Posted by Erik List on June 02, 2000.


I find that your lottery programs are remarkable and that they make playing lotto much more enjoyable. In California they are moving to a Powerball system for their Big Game lottery (or Mega Millions). Since Powerball will become impossible to win, I am planning to start playing the daily 5 out of 39 lotto game when jackpots become large. The one problem that I am having is that there is no template for strategy files for the Wheel-5 software program. If you could give me some basic information or direction on how to format this file it would be much appreciated. Keep up the good work.


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Lotto software for 5-number lotto jackpot game in California lottery.

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Create a template for strategy files in the Wheel-5 software program.