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Roulette Mathematics Challenged by Casino Dealers Possibly Cheating

Roulette, casino dealers cheat? Sue the casinos in court of law!

Posted by Scott K on March 31, 2001.

In Reply to: Roulette: No mathematics possible because casino dealers cheat? posted by Ion Saliu on November 14, 2000.

:: • I received the following email message. I think it is worth posting it here because it leads to various interpretations. I only made minor changes, mostly cosmetic. I also made sure the author's anonymity was assured.

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• A little more math on my free roulette system. The probability to hit in the very first try is (38-4)/38 = 34/38 = 0.8947, approximately 90%. The probability to win 2 times in a row, at any given moment is 0.8947 to the power of 2 = 80%. The free system says to wait for 2 losses in a row. That is, the last 4 numbers hit twice in a row. The probability to happen is 4/38 to the power of 2 = 1%. The probability to happen 3 times in a row is 1 in 1000 (I approximate it to one week). The losing probability is even lower for not playing for longer periods at the same table. Imagine this: you play the pick-3 lottery selectively (with breaks in the action). The winning chance is slimmer . . .

I wonder why many people believe mathematics has no role in gambling!? Gambling is founded on mathematics, as a matter of fact.

: How about roulette dealers cheating? I don't really believe that. How can they possibly keep track of a large number of system parameters and beat them? Maybe, hypothetically, they see a high roller at the table betting a huge amount on a single number; the dealer might have the dexterity to make sure that “the number” does not come out.
: I believe more in the intimidation factor, than in the cheating factor. That's one of the main reasons I recommend team playing.

The other reason is the bankroll. The casinos have the advantage of virtually limitless bankrolls. The players should try to mimic that. Obviously, there is no way a team of players can play with the same bankroll as the casinos; but the players don't need that ad literam.

: Ion Saliu

Of course dealers can cheat, and they do. The problem is, the cheating isn't in any supposed skill in throwing the roulette ball. I have been told by people who work at Casino Windsor where I live that although the ball looks like plastic, it's actually metal; it's not hard to figure out why. I once went in with a few bucks, and making only $5 and $10 bets, I had a hundred in less than 45 minutes, and I know that doesn't seem like much to you guys. I was doing well, but when I came back to it an hour later, I lost almost every spin.

The roulette dealer must have developed a bit of a hate on for me because I left. I thought maybe he was an "expert thrower", and I waited until after he released it before putting my bets down for a while. I didn't win ONE. They do cheat, but it's not that they're expert throwers with keen senses of where balls will land. It's that they have the technology in those wheels to make sure you don't win for as long as they want you not to. The Blackjack dealers cheat as a matter of course.

A friend of mine has a buddy who works there, and this friend mentioned to him that they make a lot on Blackjack, or something like that. He told him flat out that they cheat for the house. It's easy. Why do you think the cards have no borders on them, and tiny little checkers, and why do you think there is a "curtain" over the shoe? Anybody who can't see what's going on at Blackjack tables deserves to lose their money. They just push the first card up and take the next one. With their hand over the curtain, which is over the cards, which have no white borders and hundreds of tiny checkers, you see nothing, except your money disappearing.

If you want to put it to the Casinos, go on a night when they're having a big buffet, and everything's cheap. Stay in a nice hotel room with a few friends, have a good meal and get feeling good in the bar; don't gamble - then you have stuck it to them. Over and out. Don't give my name or e-mail. I will be writing articles about how some of these bastards do business, and there WILL be surprises.

Mathematics and roulette opposed to cheats by casino dealers.

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