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Automated Electronic Roulette Wheel: No Croupiers (Dealers) Needed

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Roulette Mathematics

Electronic roulette wheel, no croupiers, dealers.

Posted on May 16, 2001; later updates.

I received several emails from a European gambling pal. There is a very interesting announcement: an automatic type of roulette wheel. Following are excerpts from our exchange of gambling ideas.


We talked a little about gambling in the past but we did not continue. In the meantime, I found a very interesting "electronic-automatic" roulette table with a single-zero wheel. Eight players can sit around and each one has an electronic roulette table layout. With the finger, you “touch” the bet(s) you would like to play on the next spin. You can bet exactly all bets you can play at normal roulette tables and cover as many numbers as you want. The best is that you can sit at table and there is no croupier who could affect your play, and you do not have other people behind you who could watch how you play.

And now the best part: in the center of square table is a real single zero wheel which rotates around and air compressor catapults a real small roulette ball (instead by the croupier) around the wheel in 1 minute intervals. So all players (up to 8) are dependent of the same single spin. Some more details about the wheel:

- Diameter is about 90 to 100 cm (1 meter) - it looks similar as real roulette wheel.
- the ball is catapulted only counter-clockwise in every spin AND the wheel is rotated only clockwise every time.
- after the ball drops into the slot (number), then in next 10 seconds the wheel stops rotating. Then the roulette wheel moves back 3 cm - enough that the ball can drop under the wheel and come again to the position of catapulting.
Everything is automatic!!!

- The ball bounces and jumps around (because of frets and 8 diamonds)-exactly the same as at the real roulette table!!! (It is a real roulette table - difference is only that compressor catapults the ball.)
- Catapulting is always from the same place.

What do you think? Have you seen any similar tables? Do you think that this kind of table could be beaten? I also recorded more than 2000 roulette spins from it and will attach a file into this e-mail."

Thank you for your info. I can see a great potential in that kind of roulette.

Yes, I like this roulette table, especially because there is no croupier who could affect my play. I feel quite comfortable playing and there is no rush in playing because none pushes you to make your bet (no request to play on every spin, either. I can sit all the night at that table without playing a single bet, if that's what I want!). I can play as many roulette numbers as I want (or all bets that can be played at real tables). ”

• Ion: I haven't heard of that type of roulette in USA. Where is that game played, in what country?

• Frankie: Here in [Europe].

• Ion: Can you tell me more about the payouts?

• Frankie: Payouts are the same as at normal roulette tables, so even money bets 1:1, dozen/column 2:1, six-lines 5:1,..., straight number 35:1.

The maximum bet for straight number is 50 units, for even money bets 180 units (and for all other bets the maximum limits are between these two levels (so for dozen/column 120 units,...)

• Ion: Is it forbidden to use paper and pencil?

• Frankie: Just the opposite!!! Casino offers paper and pens if players want to record roulette numbers. But the fact is that 98% of the players do not want to record roulette numbers.

• Ion: Maybe you read a post on my message board by an American casino executive. He threatened that they will not allow the use of paper in their casinos. Of course, their action would be illegal.

• Frankie: Yes, I read it (but please, send me address for your message board because I lost it after my computer troubles). It is crazy what that guy said and it is hard to imagine that from here.

• Ion: Where do you play, do you travel to other places in Europe?

• Frankie: No, not yet and also no need so far. For that, I would need a bigger bankroll and, of course, a winning system.
(• Ion: I am a little paranoid, I can see in everybody a casino executive who wants his hands on my system. I'll talk to you more on this subject. For now, I sent you the new SPINS and the analysis of your data file. The free roulette system #1 hit 6 times in the first 500 spins of the FRANKI.ROU file).

• Ion: I'll analyze the data you sent me.

• Frankie: Yes, I would be very thankful you for the analysis and we will see if these tables can be beatable. (Please also let me know if I sent you both data files: my-sessions, another guy's sessions).

• Ion: The file has 2429 spins.
By the way: can I repost your message on my BBS?

• Frankie: Yes, you can, if you wish. But then correct any grammar mistakes I made and, please, do not mention my country (just write Europe). Hope to hear from you soon with some good news about analyses of data.

Compiled by Ion Saliu

Stay away from all electronic gambling devices employed by all casinos!

Ion Saliu's Note 2009
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Playing electronic roulette wheel, no croupiers, dealers.

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Electronic roulette wheel, no croupiers, dealers.


A presentation of the automated electronic roulette wheel, where no croupiers or dealers are needed.

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