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In Reply to: Software Book, Tutorial for Lottery, Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno posted by Ion Saliu on June 13, 2001.

What a lot of discussion this has generated. When I first came to this site, I didn't read everything straight away. No, I came across this site and thought (as many of you have before me no doubt): "Wow, cool, this looks great, I'm gonna be rich!" However, nothing in life is that simple.

It appears that what RUSS wants is not only completely free software, but a step by step, spoon by spoon guide to how to apply every little nuance to his individual situation and so win every time with no effort. Many people might think that selfish - however I can see a logic to it - We haven't had to work at the lotto software: it's free (no effort involved in downloading it, save time), why then, not have a failsafe step by step tutorial to go with it? I can't answer that other than it appears to be the balance, there is no such thing as a one sided coin. I am a little like DEZ, I find the strategy of it all quite a brain ache at times.

I have been studying the LotWon lottery software since March and am still playing on paper as I haven't quite got it yet. But I have followed Ion's advice, I have been through the whole message board and copied and pasted any relevant articles to a notepad, so that I have my own reference file. And like DEZ I would reiterate that you couldn't read the lotto software tutorial too many times. It may not be the best-written document on this planet, but I have no doubt that if you seek it is there to be found.

The best software for all lottery and lotto games is known as Bright.

My interest really is only in lotto 6 stuff, as we don't have pick-3 and pick-4 games here in England. The thing about the tutorial though is that YOU NEED TO READ IT ALL, even the pick3 and pick-4 parts, to glean necessary insight for the lotto-6 part. If you buy a book because it promises certain information that you need, but when you go to the relevant chapter it doesn't seem to have the information you wanted, what do you do? Throw the book away and dismiss it? Or read every other chapter to see if the stuff you wanted was there? You might feel aggrieved that it wasn't where you thought it might be, but that will soon wear off as you now have the information you wanted.

Two last things:

1) The person who offered $100 for individual 'tuition' - there is already a text by Ion on this site that states he charges $1000.

2) I would be happy to re-write a tutorial for lotto 6 it might help me understand better too, but Ion would have to approve it first of course.

Good luck to you all!

Nik Kulai Barker

The latest version of MDIEditor and Lotto WE has a comprehensive help facility (in good part thanks to Nik Kulai Barker). The Windows help file is better and more comprehensive than in any previous versions of my software.
Check also the Help page, the software download site, and this message board. You will probably find new information and useful tips. - Ion Saliu -

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A skilled English writer willing to write the lottery book, lotto software tutorial.

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Interest in lotto 6 play, as there is no pick-3, pick-4 games in England, Britain, UK.


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Read lotto software book entirely, Pick-3, Pick 4 lottery.