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A Romanian player wants to learn lottery, lotto software

A lottery player from Romania wants to learn how to successfully use MDIEditor and Lotto, the most comprehensive software application for lotto and lottery.

Posted by mia tudose ( on July 12, 2001.

In Reply to: Paging Ion Saliu - Ver 6 lotto software question posted by El Loco on June 19, 2001.

: By now, we all know that when you set the filter any 6 to a min. of 5 and a max. of 9, that one ends up with combinations containing numbers from the 9 last lottery drawings.

: Is this the same for ver 6 as well? For instance, set minver6 to 20 and maxver6 to 90. Does that mean you'll end up with lotto combinations that all have a value of 90 when it comes to ver6 ? Or could it be anything in between these values.

: I know you said something in previous posts about not putting a maxver6 but hey, other than the occassional 10 or 965 (actual cases - Belgian Lottery), values for ver 6 are pretty much in between 20 and 90...

: I am using Mdieditor and lotto version 8.0.

I think it will help me what I learn here. Hi! Your name sounds familiar -- are you Romanian?

Ion Saliu's answer: Da! Yes, I'm from Romania. Now living in the US of A.

A Romanian player wants to learn lottery, lotto software.