Web site by Ion Saliu, founder of lottery software science, gambling mathematics.

DIFferences: Max Pot lottery filter and changes in other filters

Web site by Ion Saliu, founder of lottery software science, gambling mathematics.

Posted by Tycoon on June 20, 2000.

I have been through the lottery software tutorial a few times now and am getting a good feel for your program-so firstly let me commend you on making such a well thought out program freely available to the public at large. Such generosity is indeed rare!

Onto matters technical -

1. My winning reports list two conditions viz. ALL and Max Pot that do not appear in your sample lottery winning reports. Instead yours has DIF and COL with significantly different values. What are the values one looks for here?

2. My D6-L file indeed contains two sets of info except that the D6 part of the file is one space removed from the left margn in its entirety. In my case (I ran 6100 Sim-6 for our lotto 649) correcting it would necessitate deleting the spaces manually for all those lottery drawings so that the file can meet the no left margin or top margin criteria. Also when I ran a check on the number of lines in D6-L it read 419 as opposed to 6100 plus the least file contents. Is there a way around this?

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