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The Unknown Factor: To expand on the astrology idea of WHEN

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Posted by Camelia Sacui on March 12, 2002.

I am a gambler at heart, yet I do not gamble often. Not because I don't want to.

I started a lottery chart back in 1994 out of curiosity and belief that lottery numbers follow some sort of trend. These are just words; maybe I could have said 'they follow some sort of probability', or 'law', or 'randomness' that curves around predefined momentums. It didn't matter to me which definition played in my mind. The factor remained that I had a certainty that numbers did follow a trend, without being able to prove its validity. I had never taken a statistics course, but I had enough respect for mathematics to understand that my unfundamental way of going about finding a lottery system was at most crude and unfounded. That didn't stop me.

Not having a computer either, nor enough knowledge past GW-Basic, I set about it plotting a chart of past draws on paper, pretty much in the same manner as a skip chart. My whole analysis depended on what I saw on that paper. No extra astrological charts or pencil drawings. My gut feeling and what looked like a trend. For it's a draw. I look at number 1. It looks something like this 3-0-3 in skips. I ask myself, what is the possibilty no. 1 would come today, thus making the outcome a mirror trend, 3-0-3-0 (last one being that number 1 just got picked today). I look to the left of the paper for any other 3-0-3...or 4-0-4...etc. How many... Yet others were like 1-3-3-1, or 1-4-5 5-4-1, or cold numbers that were suddenly coming up a lot (long line to the right) in less than 5 skips, or a very cold number that had hit after 34 draws once or twice, and here it was sitting on number 33 before the draw. Stuff like that. Many more. In a way, I was setting filters in my mind, but it was easier, for I only went back about 50 draws. At most 100.

This was for Fantasy 5, 5/39 in California Lottery, and at that time it was 3 times a week. One particular draw, day after my birthday, on Oct 20, I was contemplating my chart as usual. Trends were staring back at me like they were in a cotton field screaming ready to be picked. So I did. 7 numbers looked really good and about 5 alternates. I wheeled around the favorite ones with alternates in between (by hand). 80 combinations. The draw on the 20th was 14-15-28-38-39.

I hit about 5 (4 out 5), 17 (3 out 5) and countless 2 out of 5. Payout for the 4 out of 5 that night was $321. I made pretty good money. One thing that discouraged me from continuing with my astrology chart was this. On the paper where I had all my combinations, around the 55th one, I had chosen 14-15-26-38-39, below that--14-15-26-28-37, and below that--14-15-28-37-39. I gawked. I couldn't complain with the winnings, I just wished I would have played a few more combinations. Wishing wishing. But a year or so later I started a chart again. Same way. Same method. I didn't win big again, but enough to make up what I was spending and sometimes over. I noticed numbers still kept trends. Sometimes though, they looked as good as they did that day in October 94, but out of 12 numbers, none of them would hit. Not that draw and not the next either. I resigned to the fact that there must be un unknown factor.

What is it?

I have stumbled upon this site and marveled at Ion's ideas, and principles. Exceptional. I had many the same yet I didn't have a means to do them by hand. Only later, and now, do I dabble in computers, and have moved towards programming in Visual Basic. I figured if I am to find my answer I must keep learning.

The Unknown factor is WHEN. The trends show us possibilites... for the energy around us, the universe, the little electrons darting around (in infinitismal laws), the energy bombarding us almost invisibly, prove to us that random events settle into their chairs one way or another. I am pondering the paper on the wall, the circle drawn in the middle with the many dart points inside, around, missed and made points; there is an earthquake, i miss, an eclipse and i see nothing, then there is a little light, and I think I can make shapes out of the dots, a little at a time; random, yet each there, defined by its own space on the paper on which another circle can be drawn, more darts inside, another circle, until only light would eventually make its way inside. I do not see, but do I have to. Lottery balls spinning inside a circle ball. THe universe spinning around as well. Whatever happened to the Titanic, I think? Haha, my thoughts leave me.

I think lottery filters. They are good. Every method described here adds to the puzzle completeness. If we take all the pieces and throw them inside the dough, I could almost smell the bread baking slowly in the oven---you know it's good and it smells good but don't know when it's going to be done.

I look at the piece of paper, almost squinting my eyes; ok. A few calculations. A median. Even that needs a base out of randomness. So in effect, to prove to ourselves the random is settled in some sort of fashion in this universe, we find a scale. I go shopping. I think of horoscopes, and light, and E=mc 2. Why not? I go to and fill in event for oct 20, 94, 7:26pm, Barstow, California. I am looking for a gauge. The median of energy. The factor unknown.

I am looking at the astrological chart. Dumbfounded. I have no idea what the paralellogram could mean: top left A corner the moon above the Ascedant, B corner Mars below the IC, C corner Venus below the Descedant (with the SUN making its own triangle a little to the left), D corner Neptune and Uranus. Whola! What does that all mean?? I read for several days about astrology and the houses and degrees, and latitude and longitude, and rising signs, and who knows what else, but in the end I was pretty much where I started. At least I have a gauge. Or do I? Well, better than nothing. I know I did win that day. I know the numbers followed like bees to honey. I don't have to play the lotto numbers, but I can follow them and look for events. Compare the astrological charts on each occasion. Look for trends there. Maybe there is one. Maybe it will solve the WHEN factor. We have all the other factors pretty much baked in.

I did not mean to rumble on. I am a fool of sorts and a dreamer of things that could be. I either never make them or don't know how to. Yet, my head is like a prism of ideas ever inundating. What a loss of energy...hehe.

Take care, and thank you ION.

Camelia Sacui

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Astrology, lottery, lotto, astrological charts, message, board.


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