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By Ion Saliu, Founder of Randomness Philosophy

Most humans have always had this misconception about philosophy: Everything follows an order, or some divine plan. Everything is certain, therefore nothing is left to the mercy of randomness or doubt. Alas! It isn't so! As René Descartes put it:

"Dubito ergo cogito. Cogito ergo sum."

"I doubt therefore I think. I think therefore I exist."

Truth is above anybody and anything for only Randomness is Almighty.

The Everything is under doubt. Knowledge would have never been possible if something was beyond doubt. That is the main claim to fame for the Classical Greeks. By challenging the doubt taboo, they gave birth to Philosophy. All humans living after that historic moment should be most grateful to what happened beginning the sixth century before Common Era. The highest peak of contemporary civilization is due, in the greatest part, to the shining thing the Greeks invented: Philosophy.

This place is a cyber-destination that takes hope to the highest level: Mathematics. It ain't that we all hope. It's how we understand what's behind, or beneath, or, better still, beyond hope. It's all about mathematics. As random as philosophy might appear to the layperson (that is, to all of us, for nobody has ever been a non-layperson), simply living for day-to-day faces higher odds than several lotto games! The odds are better to win a 5/37 lotto game THAN to live another day in the United States! It's about randomness of it all. And, hey, the US of A is not the Paradise, but it offers better survival chances than most places in the world!

As I put it around this web site of randomly huge proportions:

That's why God fears mathematics, while Einstein hates gambling.

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