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MDIEditor And Lotto WE: Errors Discovered - And Extraordinarily Corrected!

Withdrawn - For Awhile - Then Redivivus Forever!

Errors in MDIEditor Lotto Lottery Software.

Problems again! This time I am profoundly sorry! More bugs were discovered in MDIEditor And Lotto WE!

One user discovered bugs in MDIEditor And Lotto WE, version 3.0 in August 2006. The following two filters did NOT work correctly: Ion4 and Ion5 (the lotto games). That problem was fixed and version 3.1 was released.

To my dismay, the error reports continued to pour in!

There is a quirk as far as the inner filters go. If you enable the inner filters during a run, they will remain enabled for subsequent runs. Thus, if you click the disable check box, the inner filters will still be enabled! If you exit MDIEditor And Lotto WE and then disable the inner filters, they'll be disabled, indeed! This quirk should not happen. I believe I coded correctly, but the check box control in Visual Basic is not well documented. The program ignores the not-enable default.

Then, yet another filter works incorrectly: Max_Ver2 in the pick-4 module! I can't figure out why. That error got me really mad at myself! I decided to withdraw MDIEditor And Lotto WE immediately!

Complex factors are involved here.

Yes, there is genuine altruism on my part. I have programmed the lottery as a scientist. There are mathematical laws I discovered and incorporated them in sui generis software. I wanted to share it with my fellow humans from all over the world. I made my software available as freeware. Every human being would simply go to my web site and download my software freely.

There is lotto and lottery software out there that comes with a price tag. Some lottery software packages are outrageously priced. Honestly, all other lotto software titles out there do very little. They only count the lottery numbers (frequency reports) and some offer a bunch of lotto wheels. Very, very little - compared to my lottery software.

People in the developed world pay all that money for lottery software. Most humans do not have the means to pay in US dollars those impossible prices. As one user of my software put it recently:

“My country is one of the poorest in the world. We can not afford to buy softwares like yours in dollars at the same time to dream that someday we might be able to help people fulfill their dreams. I think that is the main essence of this life.”

That fact of life has always weighed heavy in my mind. I wanted to share my discoveries equitably.

• • There is a selfish factor, simultaneous to altruism. It's all about the unity of two opposites.

The selfish goal in my mind was testing my software. More testers offer a higher probability to discover bugs in my lottery/gambling software. I acknowledge, I have always done so: Users of my software discovered a number of bugs larger than the number of bugs I discovered! In recognition, I offer a lot of my bug-free software as freeware…

When the PCs were painfully slow, it was almost impossible to generate all lotto combinations with all the filters enabled at the tightest settings. I just couldn't do it years ago. But several users of my software came across various bugs in my software based on their interests. They had come up with personal strategies, they tried the strategies, but the winning combination was not generated! Therefore, there must have been a bug or two in my lotto software.

I did benefit from offering my lotto software for free. The feedback had a high value for this programmer. Users of my lottery software discovered a number of bugs larger than the number of bugs I discovered!

• • • There is a very important element that people are not aware of. I am - because I discovered it. It is the essential principle of life: Fear-Survival. All creatures have it; the humans posses it. The human Fear-Survival system has a very special component: Mind. But we make the mistake of believing that Mind guides and controls everything in human life. The humans are planning - an important activity of the mind. We make plans - and we follow the plans. Ain't totally so! The non-mental component of the human Fear-Survival system is also very strong! In fact, there are situations when the non-mental element overrides any plan - that is, it overrules the mental component.

I wrote about the Fear-Survival principle in more detail elsewhere at this web site. I exemplified by facts of life, including my own experiences. I presented that painful event in my life when I had decided to get married again. I had made plans. Nyet, my Fear-Survival system ruled! It was against my main mission in life. A curious car accident sent me a strong message from the non-mental component of my Fear-Survival ruler. It was followed by another painful message, literally painful. Severe back pain forced me to quit my farmhand job and give up the idea of marriage all together. I started to think seriously about the most profound philosophical ideas. I have come a long way, with significant discoveries along the way...

The way my Fear-Survival system has acted regarding my free software is also intriguing. That force inside me has always opposed my act of offering my software for free. Probably I went too far in giving away a lot of my software! No matter how hard I tried to avoid errors in my software - the errors seem to have always been there! The message: I defied my Fear-Survival system.

I swear by the dog in Egypt that I have always made serious efforts in testing my freeware before releasing it. I had moments when I was absolutely convinced that my software was error-free! People reported bugs in MDIEditor And Lotto WE in August of 2006. I was mad at myself - right here, on this web page, in its first version! I took the reports very seriously. I honestly put all my effort into fixing the errors. I was convinced I did it - and released a new version. I was shocked to hear new bug reports in September 2006!

It looks like I relied on another person to test. But I thought I performed the testing of my own software! It was also a period when I wanted to release yet more free software for lottery and gambling!

My Fear-Survival system considered my act as unacceptable. “You went too far,” IT said. Indeed, I spent a lot a time on offering free software, fixing errors, reading correspondence from users, going back to the drawing board, fixing more errors, more communicating with users…and so on… Meanwhile, I had neglected my own interests. I didn't have much time left for my own interests. Less time for writing my opus magnus. No time left for applying my theories and software to lottery and gambling! Spending a lot of time caring about others while neglecting myself! There must be a balance in everything!

I noticed this intriguing fact. If I make a strong commitment to myself that I would not release that piece of software for free - the software seems to be error-free! But if I cheat the FearSurvival buy, IT doesn't remain silent. I released not long ago SkipSystem. It was meant to be in-house software, not for the public. Yet, I could not resist the temptation and released SkipSystem as freeware. Of course, it did have quirks!

It is also curious that my scientific software has never had serious bugs. I consider it to be error-free. There is no opposition to my act of releasing free scientific software! Not for now, anyway…

• • • • I decided to withdraw MDIEditor And Lotto WE. I deleted it from my FTP download site. I also removed it from other web sites (CNet and WinSite). I must think very seriously about its future. In all honesty, I ceased to use it long ago. I replaced it by much more powerful lotto, lottery, gambling software that runs in character mode (DOS).

The DOS software performs so much better than Windows - by orders of magnitude. The character mode software is also far easier to program and presents fewer bug possibilities. Remember when there were big DOS applications - Lotus 1-2-3, dBase, Word Perfect? Microsoft's DOS productivity programs did not come even remotely close! Windows killed, literally, those powerful DOS applications! It also killed serious software development. O, tempora, o, mores!

Although my Fear-Survival system released me from one kind of tension, I feel burden of another nature. I honestly think of all users of my free software. Please don't put too hard on me. I truthfully apologize for all those errors. Yes, I deserve your curses. When something similar happens to me, I curse like a trooper!

Ion Saliu

Errors in Lotto, Lottery Software Discovered and Corrected, with help from software users.

Addendum, October 2006
I had a moral duty to correct a piece of software that had given high hopes to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. MDIEditor And Lotto WE has had also a special dedication. I could not let the older and buggy versions of the application stay alive.

I opened a forum for my software last May. I am glad I did it. Members of that message board were the major bug hunters. They are the ones who discovered most of the errors in MDIEditor And Lotto WE. They, the loyal forum members, were shocked when I announced that I had decided to withdraw MDIEditor And Lotto WE from the public forever!

The loyal users of MDIEditor And Lotto WE and I came to the decision that it was best to fix the errors. The members of my forum promised further cooperation. I kept fixing one error after another. I released interim versions of the program. I corrected the errors as soon as they were discovered and announced on the message board.

On October 11, 2006 I came to the conclusion that MDIEditor And Lotto WE was error-free. I concluded that only cosmetic complaints might be possible. I compiled the final version of this incredible piece of software. The version number is 4.0_WE - and it is, indeed the FINAL version. NO more updates or upgrades will be made to MDIEditor And Lotto WE - ever!

The location of super message board: The best forums for lotto, lottery, gambling, blackjack, roulette, horse racing, sport betting.

It gets very busy sometimes and might look impossible to access it. That's why I opened an emergency forum at Google Groups: Gambling, Lottery Science, Google Groups.

Once again, I want to express my gratitude to every user of this application for their major contribution to discovering all sorts of bugs and quirks. MDIEditor And Lotto WE must be now one of those pieces of software that is bug-free.

MDIEditor And Lotto WE, Version 4.0_WE ~ Final is available from the great software download site:

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It is highly recommended that you also visit the official Web page of MDIEditor And Lotto WE:

MDIEditor Lotto WE: Lottery Software Manual, Book, ebook, Help.

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Errors in MDIEditor Lotto Lottery Software Discovered and Corrected, Fixed forever.

Corrected all errors in lotto software.

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