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Search on Mathematics: Keywords, Formulas, Formulae, Software, Probability, Odds

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All search, keywords related to mathematics, formulas, formulae, software.

I. Introduction to Mathematics and Internet Searching
II. Essential Resources in Mathematics
III. Mathematical and Scientific Software:
• Probability and Statistics
• Permutations, Arrangements, Combinations
• Lexicographic Ordering
• Probability Paradoxes
• Calculate Odds (Probabilities)
• True Random Generators

IV. Mathematics: Top Keywords in Internet Searches

Search on mathematics: keywords, formulas, formulae, software, probability, odds.

1. Introduction to Mathematics and Internet Searching

Mathematics, Math, Maths, PI, PHI, Formulas, Formulae, Software.You may experience a shock, so take it easy. You may regret that you paid for other Scientific, Mathematics software, before landing here. We can't turn time back. Don't get mad at your friends, either. You'll do the same thing. Nine out of ten discoverers of this Web site and Ion Saliu's game theory, gambling and software will never tell anybody about it. Your friends and your foes will never hear from you about this site and goldmine—ever! Nevertheless, ninety-nine out of one hundred discoverers will keep using, studying, and delving more and more deeply in this powerful software and profound theories. The download site offers in excess of 100 software programs, in 7 targeted categories.

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This is to help you find more easily the information you have been looking for. Many Internet users search for common type of information. Sometimes, the search strings are identical; for example, mathematics math formula, free mathematical software, theory of probability mathematics, math formulas, etc.

Information on mathematics is easy to find when search keywords are well organized by content category.

II. Essential Resources in Mathematics

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This site has competent software for mathematics, formula, formulas, formulae, algorithms.

You can download great mathematical and scientific software by the author of this website. They are available from the FTP downloads site, software category 5.6.

SuperFormula: the best probability and statistics software — period. Among many other functions, the program does a multitude of probability calculations: exactly, at least, and at most. SuerFormula also calculates the relations between the probability p, the degree of certainty DC and the number of trials N.

PermuteCombine, the universal permutations, arrangements and combinations calculator & generator for any numbers and words. The best combinatorics software — period.

LexicographicSets, the universal permutations, arrangements and combinations lexicographic indexing (ranking).

OccupancySaliuParadox simulates The Classical Occupancy Problem and Ion Saliu's Paradox of N Trials.

BirthdayParadox simulates The Birthday Paradox, plus more similar problems (cases) based on the exponential sets (Saliusian sets).

Find out here what the top Internet searches on mathematics are.

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Software can help considerably with mathematics discoveries, new laws, theorems, formulas.

SALIU.COM: Site of mathematics, software, probability.

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