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By Ion Saliu, Resourcefully At-Large

Free for All Links: FFA Best Links, Resources, Addresses, Web, Internet.

Free-for-all links and spam have turned into e-Horrors! The FFA posting on this site has been disabled. Links of interest will be added manually. Please email your suggestions. I will select, by my standards, the links deserving to be listed here.

Very importantly, be mindful, s'il vous plait, please, por favor, etc. that the virtual world (Internet) changes faster than the natural landscape, including the deserts and the glaciers. Therefore, I do not list clickable links here. The search engines are willing to kill your site if they find broken links! The easiest action is to copy the URL (usually, the line starting with www, up the /). Next, open a new browser window or tab. Paste the URL (Ctrl+V) into the address bar of the new browser window (tab). Sometimes you might need to delete all the characters after the root directory. The homepage might still be alive. If the link is no longer live don't waste your time cursing for too long. Go to the next www link and copy-paste it...

I keep this stuff here more as deference to the history of the Internet, the phenomenon that Homo sapiens, hundreds of years from now, will say: "Super Crocodilule, that's what, finally, made us the Species of Reason that we have become lately!"

Free For All Links: Return to Socrates FFA Best Links, Resources, Addresses, Web, Internet.

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Links, Resources: Business, online investing, online trading.

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Resources, Links: Computers, Internet.

TQuality Free For All Links: Basic compilers, software, Microsoft downloads.Top
Computers and the Internet

Quality Free for All Links: Best Resources in education.

Quality Free for All Links: Return to Socrates: Museums, reference desk, Online Encyclopedias.Top

Quality Links, Best Resources in Entertainment.

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Links, Resources: Free stuff, freebies.

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Free Stuff

Quality Free Links, Resources in gambling.

Links: Return to Socrates FFA Best Links, Resources, Addresses, Web, Internet.Top

Links, Best Resources in Lottery, Lotto, Software, Systems.

Links, Resources, Addresses, Web, Internet in gambling, casinos, online gambling.Top
Lottery, Lotto

Quality Free For All Links, Best Resources: Newsgroups, Usenet, posting.

Links: Return to Socrates FFA Best Resources, Addresses, Web, Internet.Top
Newsgroups, Usenet, Posting Online

Quality Free For All Links, Best Resources: News, media.

FFA Best Links, Resources, Addresses for Newsgroups, Usenet, Posting Online.Top
News and the Media

Quality Free For All Links, Best Resources regarding personal stuff.

Quality Links, Resources, News, Media, Associated Press.Top

Quality Links: Consumer information, free legal advice, free credit report.

Links: Sports, Horseracing, horse racing.Top
Sports, Horse Racing

An Excel sports betting spreadsheet to help with picks in NFL football or European soccer.

Best Links, Resources: Sports, Horse Racing, Las Vegas Odds, Daily Racing Form.

Quality Free For All Links, Best  Resources: Miscellaneous.Top

Best Links, Resources: Interpol, International Criminal Police Organization, FBI Most Wanted.

Links, Resources, Addresses, Web, Internet.Top


Links, Best Resources on the Internet.

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