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Sports Prognosticating or Betting for NFL American Football, Soccer, Calcio ~
Excel Sport Bet Spreadsheet

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Sport Bet Mathematics

Sports prognosticating, betting for American football starts with this spreadsheet.

Written on October 24, 2000.

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• Some realized that I probably have a sports betting system. Indeed, that's the case. Actually, it is how I started my gambling theory. Back in Romania, I loved to play soccer pools: 1X2. 1 represents a win for the home team; x is a tie (very rare in the American football; very common in the Italian calcio leagues); 2 represents a win for the visiting team. I needed to devise a strategy to give me the best results based on statistics. The system was best suited for the Italian soccer championships (Serie A and Serie B). The Italian soccer games have a high level of unpredictability. In most other national championships, the results are more easily predictable (the home teams win in most cases).

I will present now an abbreviated form of my system applied to the American football (specifically the NFL). I do not offer a computer program at this time. You can apply this strategy manually (pencil and paper) or use a spreadsheet.

You will keep records for each team, separated in two files (spreadsheets): record at home and record on the road. Using the overall records has much lower relevance. You will work with these two very important elements: Home Team At_home and Visiting Team On_the_road.

In this abbreviated version, you will use only the results (win/loss) and the points scored/allowed. Add the wins for the home team at-home with the losses for the visiting team on-the-road. Do the percentage. Normally, a percentage over 75% is a good indicator for a home team win. The average scores can offer additional useful info. In the case bellow, the game was very close to call: Just a slight advantage for the Home-Team. But the Visiting-Team had a realistically good chance to win.

Using my strategy for the Italian soccer leagues, I predicted 9 even 10 (out of 13) games (70% or 77%). That is, I predicted with only one prognostication sign: 1, or X, or 2. Then I would use two signs for close games (1X, or 12, or X2), even 1X2.

Home Team: At-Home

Week Wins Losses Points Scored Points Allowed
Week 1 1 0 20 13
Week 2 1 0 13 10
Week 3 0 1 20 27
Week 4 1 0 21 14
Total 3 1 74 64
Average 75% 25% 18.5 16

Visiting Team: On-the-Road

Week Wins Losses Points Scored Points Allowed
Week 1 0 1 20 31
Week 2 1 0 21 14
Week 3 0 1 16 35
Week 4 1 0 24 13
Total 2 2 81 93
Average 50% 50% 20 23

Predicted Result Based on Wins/Losses:

Win for Home Team: 3 (wins at home) + 2 (Visitor losses) = 5 of 8 (62%)

Win for Visiting Team: 1 (Home losses) + 2 (Road wins) = 3 of 8 (38%)

Home Team
Average points scored: 18
Average points allowed: 16

Visiting Team
Average points scored: 20
Average points allowed: 23

Predicted Score: 20 - 18 for Home-Team

The rating can be improved further by adding other parameters. How about standard deviation applied to the scores? Better still, keep a record of Win (W) and Loss (L) for every team. It is rare to see a bad team having more than 3 consecutive W, while a winning team having more than 3 consecutive Ls. Martingaling is in tall order. Read: The Best Casino Gambling Systems: Blackjack, Roulette, Limited Martingale Betting, Progressions.

I do not have all NFL data. I explained this partial system to a Miami Dolphins fan. Miami played the Detroit Lions on November 5, 2000. The line was Detroit by 2.5 points. My system showed a Detroit win 4 out of 7 = 57% and a Miami win 3 out of 7 = 43%. The game was too close to call by those stats. The average scores, however, indicated a Miami win by 3 points. In fact, Miami won by 15 points. Obviously, nobody would have bet such a big point spread. The fact is my system beat the line. Its statistical foundation had an edge over the bookies…

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The first sports betting system was created by Ion Saliu, founder of sport bet mathematics.

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This is the first ever betting system based on statistics and applied to Italian soccer or calcio.