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Scientific Analysis of Lottery, Lotto, Gambling Starts with Ion Saliu and his Fundamental Formula of Gambling

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

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NFL Betting Systems: Point Spread, Odds Compliance, Gambling Streaks

The NFL betting system by Ion Saliu is based on odds-compliance in rapport to point spread ATS and applies the theory of gambling streaks of wins or losses.

Software Predictions, Results at Belmont Stakes Horse Racing

I got a perfect record for my horseracing software at Belmont Stakes 2001: The trifecta, the exacta, and the Win twice.

Best of Blackjack, Black Jack, Basic Strategy, Links

Read the presentation of blackjack, Black Jack directory, web pages. This is the place to learn the blackjack basic strategy, systems, and software.

Mathematical Formula, Proof of the Absurdity of God

A mathematical formula based on logarithms proves undeniably that the God concept is absurd. The fundamental formula known as FFG demonstrates mathematically that God is nothing but absurdity.

NFL, American Professional Football Predictions Week by Week

Predictions week by week in NFL National Football League are far from perfect because of parity. The Super Bowl winner is a surprise more often than not.


Professional sport bettor discovered that the bet spreadsheet SPORTS XLS was pirated at Microsoft Office site book that tutors on Excel Solver, point spread.

Zeno Paradox, Zenon's Paradoxes: First Metaphysical Solution

Paradoxes conceived by the philosopher Zeno (Zenon) were considered unsolvable: Impeccably logical arguments that lead to false conclusions.

Results of roulette dozens, columns to miss multiple spins

The roulette guru calculates the probabilities for columns or dozens to miss a number of N roulette spins. The roulette master simply runs his free probability software.

FORMULA software to calculate Degree of Certainty, probability

FORMULA is free software to calculate Degree of Certainty, probability. The user can create his or her own fundamental tables of gambling (FTG) as in the Fundamental Formula of Gambling.

Probability, Odds In Lottery, Lotto, Gambling, Sports Betting

Archive #9 of the forums presents formulas and software to calculate the probability or odds in lottery, lotto, gambling, sports betting, blackjack, roulette.

Bingo Strategy, Systems, Software?

Unique BINGO software generates combinations for American games: from 75 numbers arranged by position in groups of 15 each.

Keno software, strategy, systems, probabilities

Keno draws 20 numbers, players play up to 10 Keno numbers. What are the probabilities for Keno numbers and how to use lottery software to create Keno systems, strategies.

Casinos Cheat Offering Losing Gambling, Roulette Systems

The tactic of the casinos: Recommend and offer static, anti-mathematical gambling, roulette, betting systems, so that players lose more money rapidly.


Casino War or Casino Wars is a very easy and simple casino game - possibly the easiest to play. At first sight, it looks like a perfect coin toss.

Software developers want the source code of LotWon lottery software

A significant number of lotto and lottery software developers, vendors want the source code of LotWon lottery software.

Threatening email from the online gambling business

The online gambling establishment never ceases to threaten Ion Saliu because of his theories in gambling mathematics.

Excellence in lottery and lotto software

MDIEditor and Lotto WE represents excellence in lottery and lotto software appreciated by users all over the world.

Lottery Software Thunderball Powerball Lotto Games

Software, systems, strategies applied to Powerball, Thunderball, lottery games. Draw 5 numbers, then one more number that can be equal to the previous five.

Lottery Strategy Based on Eliminating Lotto Decades

Applying a lottery strategy in the UK national lottery based on eliminating lotto decades. The number of lotto combinations to play is reduced dramatically.

Advanced Lotto Research and Software: New Kind of Science

Posts in New Kind of Science (NKS) Forums regarding lotto matters, including computer programming, combinations, permutations. The authors debate also software to win the lottery.


The Super Roulette Strategy is a collection of free gambling systems to play and win roulette in real casinos.

Best filters in lottery software, lotto software

Lottery players ask what are the best and most effective filters in LotWon lotto and lottery software.

Preakness Stakes Results, Past Horse Numbers Ranked by Wins

View Preakness Stakes past results, winning horses, horse numbers, or winning post positions. The history of Preakness Stakes is analyzed from the best to the worst program numbers or post positions.

Humans, wisdom, Shakespeare: To thine own self be true

To thine own self be true By Ion Saliu, Wisely At-Large. Ion "The Axiomatic" Saliu didn't know at first who said: To thine own self be true.

Counting cards at blackjack and gambling in casinos

I had never been in a casino until seven years ago I bought a second-hand copy of 'Blackjack Your Way to Riches'.

Eliminate or allow lotto numbers from past lottery drawings

The powerful lottery software and lotto wheel software both allows or eliminates any amount of lotto numbers from any range of past lottery drawings.

Horse racing software system Preakness Stakes

Horseracing betting and software based on mathematics, theory of probability and fundamental formula of gambling. Applicable to the Preakness Stakes horse race as well.

PowerPlay, Goldmine Roulette Systems, Casino Gambling Chip

The first message on roulette and casino gambling systems by the con artist named Chip. References to Powerplay roulette and baccarat systems, Goldmine roulette system.

Lotto, Lottery Software for Macintosh, Mac Computers

The best lottery software, lotto software does not run on Mac or Macintosh computers from Apple. Mac aficionados can only use Ion's online random lottery combinations generator.

Lotto Wonder-grid, Lottery Reports, Lotto Software, Random

Lotto software to check the winning reports for the lottery wonder grid - the top lotto pairings or pairs.

Discontinued Online Advertising: Internet, Gambling, Poker

By Ion Saliu, Advertiser At-Large Warning! Online poker is corrupt! Online gambling is rigged and fraudulent! I discontinued this advertising campaign!

Results Lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions

Get lottery results (drawings, winning numbers), lotto results for Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions. Useful lottery statistics, analysis provided online for free.


The 911 conspiracy theories represent grotesque insanity, the same as UFO conspiracy theory, or religion.

Built-in, external filters in lotto, lottery software

There are two types of filters or restrictions in Lotwon lottery and lotto software: Built-in or internal and external, that users can set.

NFL American Football 2007 Results, Scores 2007 Season

See the results of 2007 season in NFL professional American football. Get every team and the final scores of all games in 2007, including the grand finale: Super Bowl.

Lotto Software Users Need to Get Familiar with LotWon

A number of lottery players, lotto software users expressed the unfamiliarity with the revolutionary lottery software introduced to the lotto world as LotWon.

Unbelievable but true: Pick-3 lottery software wins

Lottery players were in disbelief when they learnt about the release of the best pick-3 lottery software and made available for free!

Assemble lotto-5, loto software package

How to assemble, put together a lotto software package, including for lotto-5 or 5-number lotto games. The best lotto-5 collection of software is Bright5.

Lottery players play religiously lotto combinations

There are many who believe in 1,2,3,4,5,6-like lotto sequences. They will play also other religious-like lotto combinations. You know how probability works - randomly!

Play Skips of Lotto Numbers as Lottery Software Filters

Apply the skips of lotto numbers as filters (restrictions). Special lotto software and lotto software uses the skips as eliminating conditions to reduce millions of combinations.

Independent Tester for Ion Saliu's Roulette System

A legal user of Ion Saliu's roulette strategy and systems demands that an independent gambling system tester publishes his results.

Questions on filters in lottery and lotto software

A user wants to know how to set the filters in that powerful lottery software application named MDIEditor And Lotto.

Test lotto wheels performance with future lotto drawings

A dispute with CDEX of lottery director fame (Kokostirk) regarding the performance of big lotto wheels. Test the performance of lotto wheels with future lottery draws.

Sum-totals, sums for 6 of 49 number lotto game

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the 6 of 49 number lotto game and the amount of corresponding 6-49 combinations.

Lotto combination of 1 2 3 4 5 6 has a very low standard deviation

Lotto combination of say 1 2 3 4 5 6 has a very low standard deviation that's why it has not been drawn at all. Equal probability doesn't mean equal appearance or frequency.

Maximum Value of ANY Lottery Filter: Lotto Combination

Maximum Value of the ANY Lottery Filter: Effective Combination Reduction. The MAXimum value (LEVEL) of the ANY lottery filter is a powerful restriction that reduces the tickets to play.

Dynamic Static Filters: Lottery Software, Lotto Analysis

Study dynamic versus static filtering in lotto, lottery analysis software. The odds of winning lotto jackpots can improve dramatically.

Find Rank, Index, Lexicographic Order Lotto Combination

Given a lotto combination, what is its index or rank or lexicographical order? We already know the past drawings in a lotto game. What ranks do the lottery drawings have?

Software to sort lotto, lottery drawings files

A lottery player and faithful follower of LotWon, wants a software program to sort lotto data files in descending order. That is, reverse the order of lotto drawings.

Pages 451-500: Scientific Analysis of Lottery, Lotto, Gambling Start, Ion Saliu.

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